Christmas sweets recipe

Rum truffles:

1. Take a chocolate figure
2. Snap off its head.
3. Fill a rum up.


The Colorquiz

ColorQuiz.comespoo took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Feels the existing circumstances are hostile and i..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.


Quantum of Solace I

Yes. After all Bondmania is back today!

A few of questins about James Bond was put to me yesterday. The answers should appear in ČTK (Czech Press Agency) article tomorrow. I'm very curious about it.
My Bond discussion on the Nyx forum have stared again and the movie reviews appeared:
Guardian.co.uk ***
Roger Ebert **
Telegraph.co.uk ****
Times online ****
Two stars? Never mind.
I'm looking forward Monday!



After 18 months I went to a gym today.
Positive: my two years old season ticket is still valid.
The first negative: althought it was about 8pm, there was a lot of people in the gym.
The second negative: although my exercising was very simple and short my body will be very pained tomorrow.


A virtual mess

I'd like to know if anyone does mind a noname thing tagged: infomation, waste, disutility, virtual, duplicity.
The point is: I and millions of people around also have founded a lot of accounts on email servers, discussion servers etc. which are not used. There's no simply way to discontinue them.
I mind it. Maybe for my librarian pigeon-hole soul.



We were going on a trip today.
Because today is rainy day and the Greencastle was closed, we had to go shopping on Banbridge Outlet.
Marťas has bought two pairs of stunning shoes.
I have bought two normal t-shirts and a large bag for the new shoes, because they alerady fit not into our suitcase.


From Newry

I really want to write ANYTHING but hurrieldy I don't know WHAT to write.
Actually yes.
Marťas has embraced our favourite movie [yes, In Bruges] and has taught me a sentence "I love Dublin" [Colin Farrel says that in the movie with Irish accent] but he pronounce it more likely with Sayid's accent. I suppose there is wide difference between Marťas's [Sayid's] pronounce and Irish [Farrel's] accent.
As well as he [Marťas] constantly says about everything "this is fucking unbelievable" and his current motto is "shoot first, sightseeing later".


Brit pop and Ska jazz

The state of mind of trying to listen a music I still don't know came to me this week.

1) Blur - I have listened three albums, but I would like to listen again just this:
Actually also Country House and Song 2.

2) Saint Petersburg Ska Jazz Review - the Russian band I randomly discovered today. I like it at first listening. If you like jazz, try it:

Éire agus Tuaisceart Éireann

We are going to Ireland (also to the North Ireland where we will be accomodate all the time).

Now we have:
2 guide-books (the third was refused for being duplicite)
2 maps
1 book about Celtic myths.

Seeing that we will be laying in our beds in our accomodation and reading about beautiful Ireland and his landmarks-you-must-see for all the week. I guess the car reservation was very expensive stupidity.

A little bit unfair thing: a lot of people lend us the maps and the guides and a say our trip is enviable. When I went to Russia last year no one lent me anything and all the people though I'm a fool.

An Irish-language page
Irish-English online dictionary


The Bruggy for the second time

The movie got me whenever I see it. Anyway, I'm conscious for delicate characters it is not suitable: In Bruges: Top of the tower scene.

PS: Me and Marťas have a now toy.


A lot of things was happened. Briefly:

With my colegues I went to a pub, then to finding geocaches and then to a pub again.
Details will be given only for the request and only face to face. Without guarantee.

Terrible day, really. Details will be given only for the request and only face to face. Without guarantee.
About 7:30pm I so-so managed to get up of my bed, to pack up for today and go with my mother to our previous home and to prepare us for today.

The wedding. Not mine.
We arrived to the church five afer a noon. Nevermind. All were waiting for us because there was the bride in our car.

We're going to a cinema in a while. Colin Farrel and a lot of blood. That's exactly what I need.


Dead like me movie

Funny clip

The introducing date is advanced to 2009. As George would says: whatever.

You can read meanwhile:


Paris, je t'aime

Me and my friend Jitka were in cinema yesterday to see Paris, je t'aime.
She is ungrateful person. Although she loves Paris she was displeased - they spoke a lot in English and too little in French to her mind. Gah.


There are links to Youtube under the names. But the two best unfortunately not.

1. Montmartre
Director: Bruno Podalydés
Cast: Bruno Podalydés, Florence Muller

2. Quais de Seine
Director: Gurinder Chadha
Cast: Leila Bekhti, Cyril Descours

3. Le Marais
Director: Gus Van Sant
Cast: Elias McConnell, Gaspard Ulliel

4. Tuileries
Director: Ethan & Joel Cohen
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Julie Bataille, Axel Kiener

5. Loin du 16ème
Director: Walter Salles
Cast: Catalina Sandino Moreno

6. Porte de Choisy
Director: Christopher Doyle
Cast: Barbet Schroeder, Li Xin

7. Bastile
Director: Isabel Coixet
Cast: Sergio Castellitto, Miranda Richardson

8. Place des Victoires
Director: Nobuhiro Suwa
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Martin Combes

9. Tour Eiffel
Director: Sylvain Chomet
Cast: Paul Putner, Yolande Moreau

10. Parc Monceau
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Cast: Nick Nolte, Ludivine Sagnier

11. Quartier des Enfants Rouges
Director: Olivier Assayas
Cast: Lionel Dray, Maggie Gyllenhaal

12. Place des Fêtes
Director: Oliver Schmitz
Cast: Seydou Boro, Aïssa Maïga

13. Pigalle
Director: Richard LaGravense
Cast: Fanny Ardant, Bob Hoskins

14. Quartier de la Madeleine
Director: Vincenzo Natali
Cast: Elijah Wood, Olga Kurylenko

15. Père-Lachaise
Director: Wes Craven
Cast: Emily Mortimer, Rufus Sewell

16. Faubourg Saint-Denis
Director: Tom Tykwer
Cast: Natalie Portman, Melchior Beslon

17. Quartier Latin
Director: Gérard Depardieu
Cast: Ben Gazzara, Gena Rowlands

18. 14ieme Arrondissement
Director: Alexander Payne
Cast: Margo Martindale

Get some serious news

I found this picture on any not Czech webpage:

This makes me laugh because Hospodářské noviny is most reliable Czech newspaper and there is Jan Kaplický on the photo. Kaplický is Czech née architect living in London. He won the selection procedure for the new building of Czech nation library.


One half of a book

Yes! After ten months of reading I'm over the first half of Agatha Christie's Autobiography [page 277 of 551]. My self-confidence is very high now so the other Christie's book in English was written for. As if the other English books were not wait in my bookshelf to be read.

The spot is not written to boast I'm pretty good.
This spot is written to you know I give myself too difficult targets.

Batman 6/ 2th the first episode

I need to organize my mind.
The movie is inconsistent for me:
- everything indicate this is a perfect movie
- I was not excited a lot
- I'm pleased to see anyone rated it ***, ** or * on CSFD [Czechoslovak movie database]
- despite of these things I can't stop to think about it

IMDB 92,1% [the 3rd best movie]

The 3rd best movie, get it? Better than Pulp Fuction or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!
In collate with Stardust, Hot Fuzz, Lucky Number Slevin or In Bruges for the last time the Dark knight have not got more than 3*.

Just to be fair:  for yesterday's unfavourable watching conditions the movie will get the second chance as the part of Nolans Batman movie afternoon.


To the cinema

I have the cinema week.

Yesterday: me and my mother and Marťas and his mother were at cinema to see I liked it despite of singing Pierce Brosnan. I think James Bond became much more to him.

Today: me and Marťas met in the downtown for take an ice cream or coffee. At the later time the movie we meant to see for a long time crossed our minds. For the workmanship and casting of Alfred, Gordon and Joker of course I give 4 3*, because this is not such GREAT movie for me.

Probable causes:
1) I was drinking a lot of water through all the day. It takes an effect half an hour after the movie beginning so I had not concentrate on the plot as I would imagine.
2) one of trailers before the Batman movie was
So I looked forward to James Bond and the Batman was forgotten.

This Thursday: Me and my friend Jitka are going to the Art cinema to see Jitka likes the French movies and on the other hand she refuse to see english-named ones in cinema. She is suspicious they are American and she doesn't like American-style. In my opinion Jitka likes the French movies, because she thinks all of them are great.
If she confirm that, I will recommend her Delicatessen.

I don't care we're going to see the French movie. I like Steve Buscemi elsewhere he is :)



For three years our cabinet wall looks like this:

Now it looks like this:


Pulp Fiction

There was Jackie Brown on TV yesterday. It drove me to Pulp Fiction:

Fan site
Quentin Tarantino 1
Quentin Tarantino 2
The screenplay
the article with the "dead nigger storage" tag [in Czech]
The graduation theses Translating a film into a dubbed text: Pulp Fiction
AND: Which Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

It has to be YOUR way. When it isn't, you panic, but hold your ground. You keep your gun pointed and trigger finger ready, but you'd never really hurt anyone. Though you like being tough, feeling control, you often enjoy blending in and being part of the ordinary human race.


I visited the Nyx after long long time today and found there this three photos I like:
Unusual view of Brno
The sword law
A bench



I have a lot of experiences from the Big-Christian action. But all of them takes my father on his vacation in Bibione who had lost a car key. In the sea.



I have found the great music thing: musicovery.com. Unfortunatelly I will not be able to play with it because I'm going on my vacation tomorrow. Gah.

I know this is really not a novelty. Nevermind.



Attention: this is not a witty spot. I am in bad temper and I want to write about it.

I had really_bad_day yesterday. It started in the morning and continued through all the day till the evening. I was looging forward to go to sleep whole the day as for stopping other troubles.
Today I'm feeling like punch-drunk. My colegue Ziki thinks it's because I drink very few of alcohol.

I retrospect the Russian tour as more nostalgic as usual I do from the last Sunday. In these days it is just a year ago when all my fellow travellers suffered [because the rain, mosquitos, cold, no bathroom for a weeks and so on] and I had the great time [because I was in Russia]. I want back and I don't care to have wet clothes and all the other stuff and to have not a place to sleep.
For a little hope I promised myself going to Russia again as a gift to my thirtieth birthday.
I'm going to read what did I do a year ago [in Czech only] now. This is the one thing...actually this short movie also...which make me smile today.



Today I found the replacement of books and their pictures on anobii.com is not as unusual as I thought. It is related to books by which I had not added pictures [because I have't them]. So, the mistakes are not my business.
There are a few new incorrect records in my shelf today: Saturnin, Wild swans, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain a hlavně Cyrano de Bergerac.


About the scriptures

Very funny thing happened to me today.

With high probability it seems funny only to me. Whatever.
I have an account on Anobii.com. Anobii is something like a virtual bookshelf where people can add their books, rate them, to discuss about them and so on. This week I add my devotional literature. Everything was all right until the picture of Koran have appeared with the entry of Bible.

For my part, the main problem is the incorrect picture with the book record [a large part of both books is equivalent anyway]. But some of Gothic opinion Jesuit or inquisitor might find it.

I fixed the problem by the picture changing of course. But it takes two days, so I removed the Bible from my shelf ad interim and now I hope for nobody looking for it.



Have you ever came home barefooted?
I have for two times already.
Yesterday and today.

Yesterday, while I was going home from my work, the rain caught me. Actually it was not just a rain, it was quite torrential rain. In a half a minute I was totally wet to the bone. I found my summer shoes not as useful for this situation so I decided to take them off for more comfortable walking. If I had remembered it, I would probably felt as Zuzana Norisová in the Rebelové movie.

Today morning I wanted to go to the office in the same shoes, but they were still wet thus I had to go in the other ones that went together with my outfit.
Alas that were the shoes which pinch me and larecate the skin on my feet although being splayed for last five years since I bought them.

Somehow it happened I did not go from office to home, but to visit my friend J.. On foot.
After 700 meters I stuck a plaster on my right instep.
After 800 meters the plaster began to move and to unstuck.
After 1300 meters I walked around a drugstore. I bought an elastic plaster and promptly changed it instead of the moving-and-unstucking one.
After 1700 meters I applied the elastic plaster on my left instep also.
After 2000 meters I found the "right" elastic plaster was stucked to my shoe.
After 2300 meters [and 200 meters to the destination] my friend J. called me she had gone to meet me andshe was waiting near MZK [MZK was back on my way between the first plaster unstucking and the drugstore]. We made understood to go back and meet at a tram stop.
100 meters to the meeting place I had enough and I got both of my shoes off.



I'm not a fool. The little fox Vuk really does exist!
The DVD with Vuk is out today. Just only for 44.,- :)

Now I hope to be out of an old [and almost unknown] series Laura, the young seal.



Thanks to W. I tested my reasoning [in Czech] today.

The result: 8 of 10
Great. Somebody should be hardly better than you are. You logic is unfailing.
Wrong answered questions: 9, 10

My first grade of the Logic on university is confirmed. Yes!
But the discussion below the test surprised me. A lot of people boast about their great result in despite of their age, ungraduation, have a little baby, and so on.
The reasoning is surely unrelated with age, knowledge, culture...so I would deduct a few points all of them.

PS: The points wouldn't deduct just tu people who say he/she has such great result in despite of his/her longstanding in an education system [because, as we know, there is no place for reasoning].


About Brno's fireworks

As a regular Brno citizen I don't use to go to see annual Prygl fireworks [there use to be a lot of people, uncomfortable transportation to the Prygl and back and of course it is raining every year]. I prefer to admire the fireworks in pictures rather.
Nevertheless in the case of these Japanese fireworks I should have go to see them.

PS: Thanks to Kombajn for the opening photo :)






Hanging bunch of flowers

I got beautiful bunch of flowers to my birthday from M. last Sunday.
But today the flowers are not as beautiful as they was last week so it is necessary to resolve what to do with them.
Because M. is all long at home, the bunch of flowers may not be thrown away and alternative resolution must be found.
M. demands to build up a mausoleum instead of our living room where all our friends could admire my bunch [like Lenin in Moscow]. I'm affraid it is not possible for now because we have nowhere to move the living room furniture.
So far I have thought out a temporary solution:


Geo-official trip

I was on a wonderful official journey [in Prague] with a lots of adventures

1) I almost missed the bus. The doors were closed, fortunately a driver lets me in. I have never anybody seen to run along the Česká street [one of main streets in Brno] till yesterday - myself. Actually I would have seen myself, if I would have been free for looking at myself in shop window.
2) In the bus I sat near the man who entirely looks like John Locke. Not this John Locke - this one from the Lost series.
3) In Prague I went to TG Friday's restaurant immediately because somebody had told me the vanilla coke is sold there.
They just shake the classic cola with a vanilla syrup in the restaurant but it doesn't matter.
4) After vanilla coke me and my friend Jana went to the Village Cinemas to see [for the second time] Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
5) After the cinema we went to Tesco. There was a short scene:
Saleswoman: [in Czech] 218 Czech crowns
Foreigner woman who doesn't speak Czech: [in English] How much is it in Euro?
Saleswoman: Euro? ... 8,71.
Foreigner woman gives her some coins.
Saleswoman: We not accept.
Foreigner woman: What?
Saleswoman: We not accept the coins [disapprovingly shakes her head]
Foreigner woman: Why don't you want to take it?
Saleswoman: We not accept the coins [she has an obstinate expression in her face]
My friend Jana to the foreigner woman: [in English] They don't except conis here, only the paper money.
Foreigner woman gives to saleswoman paper €10 and says: Such people who don't speak English like you are should not work here!
Saleswoman pays her back and says: I don't understand you. I don't care about it.
Foreigner woman goes away and it's our turn now. The saleswoman load the first thing and continues in her speech: ...I don't know what she said, I don't care. Let she speak what she wants. I'm not interested about it because I don't understand her...
Then she stopped the loading of our wares and continued with a bitching and railing against foreigns who want to buy.
Me: Could you go on with your purchase please? We are in hurry.
Saleswoman: ...and the most resent people are those who urge me along!
5) After the shopping me, Jana and her boyfriend Vladimír went to find two caches. The first one was on the bus centre and the second one was near the Smíchov graveyard. Nothing funny after the Indy's movie I have to say.

- I met just two members of a group 3B [Bartošek-Brandejs-Brandejsová]. It's a pity.
- Me and my friends went to find Rieger's Ghost. When I asked about the cache, they said we just have somewhere to find Something. The Something show us where we have to go then. There we should find Something else and with the Something else to count geggraphic coordinates of the final cache.
Yes. With the notebook and passers's help the Something and Something else were found. The final cache geggraphic coordinates was counted, but it showed place far away from a place where the final cache should be.
So we have flutterred in Riegers park and tried to find the right numbers and then I then met an unknown boy with a girl and they - when they was passing me - said to me "a light for the Venus". WTF?
When I returned to my frineds, they said me the geggraphic coordinates had counted by wrong way but at the moment they had a new ones.
When the cache was found and we logged in, I saw someone logged ten minutes before. It was boy and girl...



I have a new favourite series.
high school theme,
...yes, anime.

Ouran High School Host Club


A little Christian spot

This weekend was in a spirit of christianity.

I spent this weekend with a bunch of my Christian friends wich I had met for the first time in a Christian action in 2003. We all of us had been in a organisation team there and since then we call our bunch as "Flag-bearers". Since the action we meet together regullary two times in a year.
At this last meeting we all have concluded: [citation] "although it is not expectable, we Christians are as duffers as all the other people".
Furthermore I have learnt what's the difference between a lady and a diplomat:
When a diplomat says yes - he thinks maybe. When he says maybe - he thinks no. When he says no - he is not a diplomat.
When a lady says no - she thinks maybe. When she says maybe - she thinks yes. When she says yes - she is not a lady.

Because this is a little christian spot, here goes a christian joke:


Irina Spalko

I really usually don't look for movie mistakes, but in Indy's case I have started to think about one right at the cinema:

Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko, the "Stalin's favourite person, award holder of the Order of Lenin, the highest decoration in the Soviet Union, three times for outstanding services rendered to the State, and the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labor for exceptional achievements in the national economy and culture" just could not be the "Stalin's fair-haired girl" because:
1) This Indys case is situated to the year of 1957. Stalin died in 1953.
2) If she had been "Stalin's fair-haired girl" in his days, she probably had not boasted about it in 1957. This is one year after the Khrushchev attacks the veneration of Stalin as a "cult of personality" and Stalin already wasn't as venerated as before.
3) No one intelligent boast to be a Stalin's favourite.

Two links about Irina Spalko:

Is It Love?

Yes! There it is!

I still don't understand why did she run away from him...


Mersey has a new inside look with two new couches with low tables beside two high tables with desks. And they add two rooms there.
In Mersey:
They have canceled everythursdays "Hairy oldies party" [I liked it]. It was replaced by "Not only oldies party" [I donť like it].
They have a new DJ in thursdays parties. This DJ doesn't look like homeless like the first one did, but it's not the same indeed.
There is no charge to Thursday party as used to be.
There is no plenty of people in May.
There is closed the 2nd floor in May.
Vodka, rum and a peppermint liquer are only for 20,-. Gah.
The Night bus from Mersey doesn't go through my home place!


In Bruges

Me and Martin were in cinema yesterday. The most important thing of the evening was that we have bought the tickets in advance on the internet so we didn't have to be in cinema half an hour before the movie beginning.

The movie: In Bruges
Smart funny, sentimental, action, bloody, rude and once more funny.
Five stars of five for a background, dialogues, performance [I'm going to forgive Farrel the idiotic Alexander]
The movie could be reccomend for pople who likes Pulp Fiction, Lucky Number Slevin, Hot Fuzz.
The movie should not be reccomend for hard-core fans of Harry Potter because Fleur Delacour already won't be as she used to be for them. There are also Mad-Eye Moody and You-know-who in the movie but their characters are not as changed as the Fleur's is.

PS: The main reason I write about this movie is that we are going to film premiere of Indiana Jones tomorrow. I like In Bruges movie and its poster but it will be changed tomorrow and I would like to have it on my blog still in the furture.


Indy trailer

The trailer of the second [the first one is here] most expected movie of the year:

Not without a book

The last brigade would be a lesson for me about a bringing a book whenever and wherever I go even more thoroughly I have done it by now.
Through my working verve my right shoe with my right leg was skewered on a rusty nail. With this injury one is unusable for a work and to just waiting for a few hours is a real boredom.



On Tuesday I and the other Cats [the Secret friend of us and her sister nicknamed Cinderella] decided to not to stay at home on Thursay [today, 8th May is a bank holiday in Czech republic] but to go geocaching. So we have created an account on geocaching.com as the team named Brotherhood of the cat paw [the Brotherhood of the cat paw is from the Czech well known adventure stories and comics about the Rapid Arrows].
Today we borrowed Martin's PDA with geocaching PDA software and a map and took a paper with a caches description and a map of caches printed from geocaching.com.
Hum. The software was unavailing because it was impossible to catch signal. And when it finally happens, the PDA shutted down. Fortunately we had the description and the map on papers and the Secret friend of us, too. With all of that the caches was, except this one, always finded. Nevermind. The last one we will try to find again, but this time it will be at night [without all bystanders] and we will invite to finding our boyfriends to help us.



Today is the big day because:
1) I was propositioned to be opposed of two thesis [A. who ask me for that thinks I know the situation of the subject of the first one. About the second one, she know I have a long-time practice].
My mum thinks I'm very successful and she also thinks the main part of this my "success" consist on fact that I used to go to Faculty of Arts to straighten the books in library [my mother worked there for a few years] in my kindergarten age [btw I have straighted the books at the same place where the thesis defences in nowadays are].
2) I discovered the word "hamburger" is not consist of the words "ham" and "burger, but it takes its name from the town of Hamburg in Germany. Really. You can also look at Wikipedia.


In secrecy

I'm sitting in my ex-office at my ex-work and correcting their webpage now. Hist!


Which Bible Character are you?

The test

You're probably named Mary. Or John, if you're a guy. In any case, no one really remembers you.

326 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 3122 times.
11% of people had this result.

PS: other results:
Angel Gabriel
John the Babtist
Mary Magdalene
The Virgin Mary


The tapir day

Did you know about the world tapir day? It is celebrated annualy on 27th April and it has its own website.
And the tapirs has also their own blog and design!



1) it is exactly 22 years since the Chernobyl disaster. In the afternoon we heard somebody in radio as he says he was in Chernobyl and there are no dangerous places in the area. His dosimetr was probably out of order.
By the way, this quite well-known web has an upgrade version.

2) I and M. went to the Blahoslav tour as the first time I know about it [cca ten years]. The Blahoslav tour is annual trip cross the Pálava - starting in Mikulov city and ending in the village of Popice.

PS: The picture belongs to Blahoslav tour. It is shooted in Sirotčí hrádek.

PPS: And today is also the birth day of William Shakespeare and the World Intellectual Property Day and so on :)



This is the last spot writing on my current job. In that occasion I should write here something special...but what should it be? Yes. Code of Ethics of Czech Librarians :)

The Librarian
1. always uphold the basic right of the individual to information. They provide for unlimited, equal, and free access to information and information sources in library collections. They do so irrespective of political, ideological and religious views and without any censorship, save for the exceptions stipulated by legislation. However, they bear no responsibility for the consequences of the use of information obtained from documents or in the library
2. strive for broad accessibility of information contained in documents, regardless of the place of their storage,
3. provide services to users irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, gender and social status,
4. respect the rights of authors and treat their intellectual property in compliance with legislation,
5. respect the rights of users to privacy and anonymity, basing their contact with them on respect for user personalities and information needs. They protect user personal data and user activities,
6. contribute through their professional performance and loyal conduct to the goodwill of the library.
7. are aware of their affiliation to the professional community, respect colleagues from libraries of different types, keeping in close touch with them, and cooperate with colleagues from a wide network of memory institutions,
8. keep themselves well-informed with developments in their profession, striving for life-long education and professional advancement,
9. support with words and deeds those colleagues who have found themselves in difficulties due to their observance of the principles of this Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics of Czech Librarians. Association of Library and Information Professionals [online]. , 28.12.2004 [cit. 2008-04-25]. Available from www: http://skip.nkp.cz/cokodex.htm



I have found that Unshelved has not only a
librarian strip and a blog, but it has an Unshelved store. I like these t-shirts:

Link to those who doesn't know Dewey.


About blog

To have a blog and let your friends to read it is dangerous. In this case the blog is not your privacy diary but it is going to be "res publica". Then you can't write what do you really want or what do you really think there because you can risk to make angry/hurt someone.

PS: And the RSS reader is very dangerous also. It shows the spots you have written and have deleted then!

A sentimental spot

I'm in a sentimental mood today. When it comes to me I reminisce about people I haven't seen for a long time, places I haven't been for a long time and so on.
One of these people is a man I call Jednatel. We used to meet each other a few years ago in Karlovy Vary and Ostrov. I used to go to my ex-boyfriend there. Sometime I think about that very curious is I would like to meet rather Jednatel, not my ex-boyfriend again.



Each time when I must go to the work I says to myself that I would like to be a little bit sick to just only to lay in my bed and to read books.
I'm sick for three days now and all my books are still on a bookcase because for all the three days I'm sitting in the bed with my notebook and I'm not able to stop writing, reading, and playing the very stupid game above all.

I really purposed to not switch on the notebook today BUT a paper TV program is lost. Humph. I didn't find any interesting show on online TV program anyway

So, I'm going to read now. There is some Hemingway's book in my bed table. I don't like the book a lot. Nevertheless I'm almost in the middle of he book, so I can try to finished it.



Hey, I have high body-temperature!
Great. Since I know about my fever, I feel better and my headache, neckache, bodyache and so on is not as strong as were before.


One third of a book

I finished the first part of Agatha Christie's Autobiography [the book has three parts which are split by two sets of photographies] yesterday.
Yes, I really know it isn't important for the World, but I'm really proud of it. I have read it for five months - so long time, because I didn't keep my own obligation: to read at least one page every day.
Now I have to read next 358 pages to finish the book cempletely and I should get to do it because:
1) I've got The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes as gift from my classmate Vendy
2) Vendy have brouht me two Boris Akunin books from London
I must say that I have these Akunin's books in English not to be pride oneself. Unfortunatelly Boris Akunin is not as known writer as I would like he would be in Czech republic hence I guess the Pelegia series will probably not appearance in Czech at all.
Though Albatros publishing [publisher of Akunin's Erast Fandorin series] finished the Harry Potter series finally they could start to publish the other books too.


Něžný Novgorod

Explanatory note to this spot:
Nižnij Novgorod is the city in Russia, do not change with the city of Novgorod [also Veliky Novgorod].
The word "Nižnij" sounds very simmilar as Czech word "něžný".
The word "něžný" means "affectionate" or "tender".

Since the Sto zvířat concert I think about a phrase "v něžném Novgorodu" in the Novgorod song. I would like to know what does author mean by that.

It could be:
a) paraphrase/sign/reference to Nižnij Novgorod,
b) author has been in Novgorod and he thinks it is an affectionate city,
c) author hasn't been in Novgorod or Nižnij Novgord ever, he just likes the phrase.

I don't know if Novgorod is affectionate city, nevertheless I think it is visitation-worthy city.


Dead like me series

American [I don't care] series
Black-humorous and cynical
...who was killed by Czech Television with awfull dubbing and dead showtime: Tuesdays 9:30pm on ČT2 [the lowest rating Czech TV canal].

Precious opening credits:

web page
DLM on Wikipedia

Season 1 Trailer
Season 2 Trailer

The movie:
with the Indiana Jones the most expected movie of this year
Dead Like Me Movie 2008 Teaser Trailer:


Brno Freezing

Brno has its own freezing too. I like it:


The singing

This is a thanksgiving spot to W. for my over and over singing the song "Ty vole, na základní škole" for next three months. It is grateful change from "Na ovčáka kaprál mává" song [which I was over and over singing from January till yesterday] because I hate the song "Na ovčáka kaprál mává" for last few weeks.


Potter 7th

Attention: there are a few spoilers in this spot.

I finished the 7th Potter yesterday. I was glad for my all time believing in Snape as Dumbledore's man.

PS: to be named as Albus Severus must IMHO be horrible...especially when your brother and sister have sane names James and Lily.

PPS: Did Rowling name Ron's son Hugo after her favourite Lost character?


EMO translator

If you have some EMO friends, you probably need the online "vypatlátor" [from Czech "vypatlaný" - like soft-brained or stupid].
The Vypatlátor translate your sentence to EMO language.
The Vypatlátor can:
1) to change caps randomly
2) to add the EMO emoticons [:***]
3) to add the EMO sentences on the end of your sentence [Emo Iz BeSt!!!!!]
4) to change letters of the alphabet and words



One World 2008 movie festival

I think about attending the movie festival One World 2008 today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow:
The Art cinema - Large hall
The Giraffe in the rain / Belgium, France / 2007 / 12 min.
All White in Barking / Great Britain / 2007 / 73 min.

Břetislav Bakala hall
DMZ / Finland / 2007 / 4 min.
North Korea, a day in the life / Netherland / 2004 / 48 min.

The Art cinema - Large hall
Darfur Now / USA / 2007 / 92 min.
Crime and punishment / China / 2007 / 123 min.

The Art cinema - Large hall
Up the Yangtze / Canada / 2007 / 93 min.


My other home

This is a post for you to know my high cultural level.

I have found an old commentary about my theatregoing in years 1997 - 1999:

The grandma has 99th birthday [Jiří Kratochvíl] [MdB] [terrible play]
The Alchemist [Paulo Coelho] [Husa theatre]
Elisabeth von England [F. Bruckner] [MdB]
Circus Humberto [National Theatre Brno]
An executioner and a fool [Werich/Voskovec/Ježek] [National Theatre Brno]
Kean IV [G. Gorin] [MdB]
The comedy about the passion of the Christ [National Theatre in Prague]
The comedy about the passion of the Christ [Husa theatre]
The Pied Piper [D. Landa] [Ta Fantastika]
The Forest [N. A. Ostrovsky] [MdB]
The Lemonade Joe [J. Brdečka] [National Theatre Brno]
Manon Lescaut [V. Nezval] [MdB]
The Master and Margarita [Mikhail Bulgakov] [MdB]
My fair lady [G.B.Shaw/A.J.Lerner/F. Loewe] [MdB]
Othello [W. Shakespeare] [MdB]
Radůz a Mahulena [P. Ulrych/S. Moša] [MdB]
Romeo and Juliet [W. Shakespeare] [MdB]
Rose Marie [National Theatre Brno]
Death of a Salesman [A. Miller] [MdB]
Vladimir Vysotsky [Laitnerka club] [a lecture about Vladimir Vysotsky]
Hair [J. Rado/G. Ragni/G. MacDermot] [Pyramida theatre]

Amadeus [MdB]
The play about love, death and eternity [R. Rolland] [MdB]
A Midsummer Night Dream [W. Shakespeare/Z. Merta/S. Moša] [MdB]

Bastard [Z. Merta/S. Moša] [MdB]
A Flea in Her Ear [G. Feydeau] [MdB]
Man of La Mancha [D. Wasserman/J.Darion/M. Leigh] [Marta theatre]
The Education of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N [L. Rosten] [V theatre]

West Side Story [A. Laurents/L. Bernstein/S. Sondheim] [MdB]
and the winner is:

Cyrano de Bergerac! [E. Rostand] [MdB]

Don't wonder about my frequent MdB visiting - it is because I have known an usher in the theatre and she was letting me in for free. For all the time I was visiting the MdB theatre I paid only once: when I was on West Side Story for the first time. On the other times I was as a deadhead and later as an usher also.

PS: Maybe I will write a bit more about Cyrano play later.


My dreams

You already know my job. Now I show you my night's dream:


Nothing to read

There are five books I haven't yet finished, two unstarted books and two Reflexs [journal] on my bedside table. Nevertheless I'm going to bed and I find that I have nothing to read [as the same sitaution as you have the dressing room full of clothes but you have nothing to dress up for tonight's party]. Gah!


Books and the Русские фильмы

1) I finally finished the terrible book yesterday. The book is terrible because:
a) the translator has translated all the person's first names. He has written Czech Julián, not French Julien and so on. I don't like it. The book is French, the protgonists are French hence their names should be French too,
b) the story is OK but the book is too wordy. And the wordy books are hardly readable,
c) the protagonist Julien is silly but also single-minded, politic and he has an inferiority complex. This is a terrible combination.

2) Karel found a Russian shop in Brno yesterday. There are Russian vodka, candies, books, music and movies on DVD - with region code 2 in the shop. He bought a whole series of Nu pogodi! for my mother because she likes this popular Soviet animated series a lot.
I bought one DVD with these Russian movies:

The Sovereign's Servant [IMDB] [trailer] [web]
The Rider Named Death [IMDB]
The Barber of Siberia [IMDB] [trailer] [web]
Pushkin: The Last Duel [IMDB] [trailer]
The Fall of the Empire [IMDB] [trailer]
The State Counsellor [IMDB] [trailer] [web]
Turkish Gambit [IMDB] [trailer] [web]

Azazel [IMDB] [trailer]!

Because there are 8 movies in one [even double sided] DVD, the movies have low quality and they are without dubbing and titles. Nevermind. The important thing is I don't have to try to find a solution with my Russian DVD Azazel with region code 5.

PS: The main reason why the long picture collection is here is that I like to make pictures collection.


Satiated slowly

I have wanted to write a tract about the songs which are played on TV and radio over and over [for their bad luck]. But I have forgot what exactly I wanted to write. So just short notice: I would like to say thanks to all radio stations for speedy satiety of the very nice song Falling Slowly.


The manicure and pasqueflowers

I have new beautiful french manicure since yesterday. It was a little bit expensive but now I could break over a goulash from digester to the dish.
Today me, my mum and K. made a trip on Kamenný vrch. I was there for the first time. There is a small wilderness area where are growing the pasqueflowers. Don't tell me that snowdrops and spring snowflakes are the first blooming flowers of a year.


Kombajn everywhere

OMG, there is almost no place on Czech internet without Kombajn. If I ate fish, I would be affraid that Kombajn peeps on me out of a sardine-oil-tin soon.


My job

Everybody still asks me what do I actually do in my job:

The Blogger and RSS

I find a very unpleasant thing just now: if you have a blog on Blogger.com with "only authors access", it is not possible to add this blog to your RSS reader, not even to Google Reader. Of course it makes sense because Blogger.com doesn't create a RSS feed to this blog.
What if the blog has more authors? How would I get informed about a new spot of any other author?



I'm glad I don't have to do anything difficult [especially play squash] because I'm feeling pretty unwell today. The Alterna pub makes me unwell everytime I go there no matter I fuddle or not. If I drank alcohol yesterday I would have a hangover today, but I didn't so I don't have a hangover. I have just an ordinary headache.
It would be much better for me [and my body] if I don't have to get up at 8 o'clock in the morning and if I don't have to be a guide for the High School for Vocational Studies in Information and Library Sciences students in my work today.
And on the end of this hard day I opened Martiner's bloggie and it was in PINK colours [because St. Valentine day]. Scary.



Yesterday I had a hard day, because of my hangover after Friday's party and:
1st - One whole hour of squash playing
2nd - Watching "comedy series of Czech presidential election" on TV
3rd - A trip with Štepánek and Lenička. Actually we [Martin and I] went on a trip and they [Štepánek and Lenička] went geocaching.
4th - Watching Nominations of Czech movies from 2007 for Czech lion award. Ester Kočičková [a moderator of the ceremonial] has very showy hair style and she was very enjoyable and witty.


The adoption

My colleagues have decided to sponsor some child from India. There is a entitled paper "Here you can write your tips" in the kitchen in my work from today's morning and there are photos and information about three Indic girls on the paper.
As far as Alena and me would like to sponsor some child from Belarus, because it is much more known for us than India and of course we would go to visit our sponsor-child more often to Belarus than to India.


In the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts

I was in the Central Library of my alma mater today and have found this graffito in a lavatory:


The trip

Me, my mother and Karel made a trip to the Cairn of peace yesterday. In the town of Šlapanice we had to make a short break because the road to Prace village was stocked with a carnival parade. Nevertheless we reached the Cairn of peace before the sunset. Really enjoyable trip.


Lemonade Joe

The Lemonade Joe for those who can't break away from their computer.

PS: By the way, the Lemonade Joe was my first not-child-movie I have ever seen [I was six years old] and my first not-child-song I have known was "V Lincolnu loňskýho roku" sung in this movie.


Jeff & Achmed

Today I have met Jeff Dunham [the ventriloquist] and his friend Achmed [the dead terrorist] for the first time.

DDR is at home!

I've got the DDR today!
I hope I will be as good as this child soon:

Later I would be able to dance like these boys and Eva and me would arrange similar competition with ours DDRs:

IS funnies

The comics "The twins [Ema a Irma] discover the university life". Cool.
a) I would like to know which university does Ema study,
b) the autor probably doesn't know the IT Crowd. If he knew, he wouldn't call the second girl Irma.


Jokes about Finns

What's the difference between the introvert Finn and the extroversive one?
When the introvert one talks you, he looks at his toe caps. The extroversive Finn looks at the yours.

Have you heard about the great misery on the Inari lake? In the winter Aku and Jari went fishing. Aku had a bottle of vodka and suddanly he got an appetite for it. He asked Jari: "Would you like a vodka?" But Jari didn't heard Aku because he had the cap over his ears so Aku drank the whole bottle of vodka on his own.
That such great misery happened to Jari on the Inari lake!


I have found my alter ego. She is quite like me!


CPS and the DDR

I have met my "CPS" friends yesterday. The CPS friends are people I had met in university computing study hall (the czech shortcut is CPS) when I was studying at MU.
Yesterday we found out Depka was living below the mountain of Praděd a few years ago which was very surprising for all of us. Also for the first time we went all together in Unezmi's car and for the first time we ate all together at a restaurant...actually rather than restaurant it was a Vietnamese snack bar. But it doesn't matter.

In the end of the evening Eva showed us their DDR. I liked it a lot and I need it and I wish it to my birthday.


Today's official journey

1) Boarding to a Pendolino is much more comfortable than boarding to any other train. Probably it is because every Pendolino passenger needs a seat reservation ticket and that's why no one crowds into a train to find a best seat for himself.
2) There is no wi-fi in STK! But they have sandwiches for us and two projectors. One of them has touch screen even.
3) There was a crowd in front of the bar and also behind the bar in Starbucks. They write your name on the paper cap [I have never seen this in Starbucks] and after very long long time someone behind the bar yells your name [your correct name if you have luck] and gives you your coffee.


Václav is back

For the present he is a nominee for the post of the Slovak television director.

PS: Václav is the mischief-making-man. He usually nominees himself to selections procedures because he wants to show the selection procedure is not as transparent as it should be.


Stardust - the book

I don't want you to think I read the Stardust just because I have seen it at a cinema. No. I already read the book seven years ago and because I liked it, I have decided to read it again. Unfortunatelly I did it at the same time as the movie has been in cinemas and it was difficult to raise the book. Luckily w. has all the Gaimans book at home and she lent it me [thanx].



After more than a year I've started to cotribute to Czech Wikipeida again.
I can't suffer an egregious absence of information about Boris Akunin on Czech Wikipedia anymore. Because the Akunin theme is well-written on English Wikipedia I've decided to tranlslate it to Czech and also to take it as the other kind of my English learning.
My first article is about Nicholas Fandorin [the grandson of more known Erast Petrovich Fandorin] and I hope it is not the last one.


Another funny Czech song

Another next funny Ivan Mladek's song I discovered while I was writting the last czenglish spot. The song called "The shortcuts" starts at 5:27...

...and in the comments on youtube its translated to English by ID deep747 and ID lekkno.

PS: The man on the left is Zdeněk Svěrák, a Czech writer and actor who wrote Kolya movie screenplay - the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language [Oscar] winner in 1997.


From the Czech newspapers

The two main topics of all five main newspapers:
1) Christopher Columbus bring the syphilis to Europe
2) Poles like the old [in Czech Republic still very popular] Czech interpreted Ivan Mladek song "Jozin from the bog"

Here I have found Czech/Polish/English lyrics of this song:

1. I drive Skoda 100 to camp here on Orava
So I hurry, take a risk - go through Morava
The monster lives there, comes out of the bog
Eats mostly Prague citizen, its name is Jozin (Joseph)

Chorus: Jozin from the bog creeps through swamp
Jozin from the bog closes to the village
Jozin from the bog edges its teeth
Jozin from the bog bites, strangles
To defend Jozin from the bog, who could imagine,
only works a plane with manure (white powder).

2. I was driving through the village on road to Vizovice
The village mayor greeted me, said to me during drinking plum brandy
'The one who will bring Jozin dead or alive
gets my daughter and a half of National Agrarian Farm'

Chorus: Jozin...

3. I said: 'give me a plane and powder, mayor,
I'll bring you Jozin, I see no trouble about that',
Mayor helped me, in the morning I went up in the sky
The powder from the plane prettily fell on Jozin.


A cangaroo is hopping though the Australian desert and every hundred meters stops for a small penguin spewing out its pocket.
At the same time in the Antarctics there is a small cangaroo among a group of penguins, sneezes time to time and jabbering: fuck the exchange stays!


Jeseníky mountains

MONDAY: Přemyslov ski area - few people only, mist, snow, a kiosk with coffee to go, snowstorm blizzard in the end of skiing
TUESDAY: Ramzová ski area - few people only, cold, icey ski slope
WEDNESDAY: Petříkov ski area - few people only, a bit icey ski slope
THURSDAY: Přemyslov ski area - few people only, mist, icey ski slope, a kiosk with coffee to go
FRIDAY: Přemyslov ski area - few people only, a thick fog, a bit icey ski slope, a kiosk with coffee to go

Geda [snowboard] and shortly me [ski] in Petříkov. Low quality, because it is a mobile phone video:


The lunch

Today is a special day: after a very long time I have the self-home-made lunch at work. But the lunch is not only an apple and yorgurt or something like that. My toady's lunch is real sandwich: bread, butter and ham. I'm very proud of myself :)

PS: I found two great things, when I was looking for a picture for this spot: the Holy toaster and the Miracle toaster.

About geography

I would like to write about two things:

1) On the Všemi osmi blog I found the Traveler IQ challenge - How well do you know your world? link. I passed 10th level of 12 and I think it is good. Last levels was very difficult and I was satisfied if I specified the right continent at least.
2) With the Traveler IQ challenge I remember the World 66 where you can mark your visited countries.



Some idiot switched off [OK, I did] the heating in our flat before the holidays departure. Today we come back home and the warmest room is suprisingly the foyer which usually have door properly isolated to keep the foyer cold out.