Cell phones

@DaKrup wrote on her blog a list of cellphones that she have ever owned. It inspired me to make my own list of cell phones that I've ever used.

Motorola D160 - Nokia 5110 - Nokia 3310 - Nokia 3330

Nokia 3410 - Nokia 6210 - Nokia 3120 - Samsung E700

Samsung E770 - HTC Hero - Vodafone 845


Barbies on exhibition

There was a very nice stuff on exhibition named Squaw dance I've visited yesterday: barbies dressed in period costumes.

I'm excited at this one. Awesome!.

Rows, left to right:
1. 1891
2. 60's 19th cent.
3. 1895
4. 70's 19th cent.
5. Break 19th/20th cent.
6. 20's 20th cent.

Larger images on my posterous.


Holiday in Dolní Morava 3/3

Friday 20th April
Through beautiful sunny day Martin nad I went on a trip to Pastviny dam. We rented a treadle boat with a toboggan. However we did not almost used it because Martin teached me about infinitude, even and uneven numbers and so all the time.

Saturday 21st August
A day of a Hill running. Our hill climb menas a lot of people start at 11 AM to run from Dolní Morava municipal office on top of the mountain of Králický sněžník. Martin wanted to look at start of the run, but he was not able to get up so early in the morning. Fortunately the race route led around our house and even more around our bedroom window. It is unbelieavable the fastes runner was on top in 57 minutes. He was faster than was my breakfast.
The rest of Sunday morning plan consists in a cutting grass [me] and an uprooting [Martin].
In the afternoon we visited an annual army celebration - Cihelna 2010. There were two live shows: 1) fight between Czech gandarmery and a frontier police with German gunrunners [real history] 2) German army attack on infantry bunker K-S 14 U Cihelny with Czech defense [fiction because of the Munich Agreement].

Sunday 22nd August
The big housecleaning. A company on next year holiday is needed even for the last day cleaning.


Holiday in Dolní Morava 2/3

Tuesday 17th August
- In spite of cloudy and windy weather I rode on bicycle to a car park under black ski slope and back in the late mornig.
- W. made long car and bicycle trip on Dlouhé stráně [a hill where is Hydro Power Plant] early morning. When she came back, We [W., her husband Šimon and I] made a trip on Hora Matky Boží [God's Mother hill] and to Králiky. The weather gets worse so we went back to vicarage early.
- We had not cought a cinema theatre today so we at least booked a bowling line for the evening.

Wednesday 18th August
Through a lot of impertinent sheperd's spiders [one of them has tried to watching movie with us] Martin and I moved to another room in late night.
Before a noon we went to Žamberk to look at some places:
- a square [and drugstore for buying Biolit to destroy spiders]
- Sv. Václav church [closed, free wi-fi]
- Žamberk brewery [closed, outside sightseeing]
- Jewish cemetrey  [closed, outside sightseeing]
- Žamberk manor [reconstruction, soutside sightseeing]
- manors garden witch cache and living roe
- a Prokop Diviš birth place [closed, outside sightseeing, cache]
- Rozálka view tower
After all we wanted to continue with work on Dolní Morava restaurant guide book but it was discovered we already know all of them.

Thursday 19th August
- A coal has been brought in the morning. Fortunately this is not hand job to get the coal on a basement.
- A trip on Dlouhé stráně was on agenda today also. Today was a rainy day so we appreciated ten minutes of cloudless and sunshine sky when we were on top of Dlouhé stráně hill. The view on Jeseníky mounains was beautiful.
Then we went on Červenohorské sedlo to walk and have a lunch. I have to say the hotel and restaurant looks as in 80's when the complex was built.
On the way back we found four geocaches and saw two manors with two manor gardens and one bird box.


Holiday in Dolní Morava 1/3

Saturday 14th August
- We [Martin and I] visited K-S 5 U potoka Bunker, sightseeing included.
- There was a not-flying magpie on vicarage garden. The magpie was put on large box and then the box was put on veranda. We hope she will be alive tomorrow to bring her to a vet at Rýmařov rescue station. If she will be dead, I have to call the rescue station it's over.

Sunday 15th August
Today sucks. I have a headache since morning and the magipe is dead. We have to bury her.

Monday 16th August
Martin and I were on a trip. We came to Šanov by car, then we walked on Křížová hora viewtower and by otherside of hill we went back to car in Šanov. The second part of the trip was to sightsee a building of new ski slope in Mlýnický dvůr. Because it started raining we went home without seeing building of a new ski slope in Dolní Morava.


Long cat

There was a longcat on Twitter yesterday:

It remains to me my father's cat Fortinbras when she wants out:

Pitty I have no photo of her as staying on hinders and show me a door handle by her hand.



Friday was very succesfful day:
- We've got a new boiler in our apartment.
- I have a new brother.
- My favourite theatre play Cyrano de Bergerac will be performed again after a long long time.

- In the morning I went to Zlín for a weekend.
- In the afternoon Martin went to Mallorca for next week.

Sunday was not so much successful as friday:
- When I came home there were just two empty bottles of tequila in the kitchen and our apartment looked like after housebreakers attack.
- A German wants to stay at our vicarage.
- The washing-machine sifter choooed up.
At least the internet connection si OK.


The Marriage

My father, Depka, John and I visited Vinohrady Theatre yesterday to see Gogol's Marriage. Thanks to director Morávek we had "V.I.P. tickets" to 11th gradine.
The whole thing with the trip to Prague theatre and this play was because of my father. He had decided to see Morávek's play on other theatre than Husa na provázku theatre in Brno [where Morávek usualy makes plays].
Dad and John enjoyed it. For me it was lenghty [as all the plays in Vinohrady theatre] and noisy [Veronika Žilková above all]. Depka said it had looked like classic director Morávek's play with the same people for costumes, pageant and music as in Husa na provázku. So I've deduced the play in Husa would be identic as was here.

Nevermind, the trip was enjoyable.


History of...

There are not any dicey religions, faiths, shamanism, celtism, woodooism and so on. Maybe it is not as scientific as someone thinks it should be. I do not care.
To have in mind all the stuff sucks. Sometimes less is more and simplification is the best way to show something interesting or important.