The singing

This is a thanksgiving spot to W. for my over and over singing the song "Ty vole, na základní škole" for next three months. It is grateful change from "Na ovčáka kaprál mává" song [which I was over and over singing from January till yesterday] because I hate the song "Na ovčáka kaprál mává" for last few weeks.


Potter 7th

Attention: there are a few spoilers in this spot.

I finished the 7th Potter yesterday. I was glad for my all time believing in Snape as Dumbledore's man.

PS: to be named as Albus Severus must IMHO be horrible...especially when your brother and sister have sane names James and Lily.

PPS: Did Rowling name Ron's son Hugo after her favourite Lost character?


EMO translator

If you have some EMO friends, you probably need the online "vypatlátor" [from Czech "vypatlaný" - like soft-brained or stupid].
The Vypatlátor translate your sentence to EMO language.
The Vypatlátor can:
1) to change caps randomly
2) to add the EMO emoticons [:***]
3) to add the EMO sentences on the end of your sentence [Emo Iz BeSt!!!!!]
4) to change letters of the alphabet and words



One World 2008 movie festival

I think about attending the movie festival One World 2008 today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow:
The Art cinema - Large hall
The Giraffe in the rain / Belgium, France / 2007 / 12 min.
All White in Barking / Great Britain / 2007 / 73 min.

Břetislav Bakala hall
DMZ / Finland / 2007 / 4 min.
North Korea, a day in the life / Netherland / 2004 / 48 min.

The Art cinema - Large hall
Darfur Now / USA / 2007 / 92 min.
Crime and punishment / China / 2007 / 123 min.

The Art cinema - Large hall
Up the Yangtze / Canada / 2007 / 93 min.


My other home

This is a post for you to know my high cultural level.

I have found an old commentary about my theatregoing in years 1997 - 1999:

The grandma has 99th birthday [Jiří Kratochvíl] [MdB] [terrible play]
The Alchemist [Paulo Coelho] [Husa theatre]
Elisabeth von England [F. Bruckner] [MdB]
Circus Humberto [National Theatre Brno]
An executioner and a fool [Werich/Voskovec/Ježek] [National Theatre Brno]
Kean IV [G. Gorin] [MdB]
The comedy about the passion of the Christ [National Theatre in Prague]
The comedy about the passion of the Christ [Husa theatre]
The Pied Piper [D. Landa] [Ta Fantastika]
The Forest [N. A. Ostrovsky] [MdB]
The Lemonade Joe [J. Brdečka] [National Theatre Brno]
Manon Lescaut [V. Nezval] [MdB]
The Master and Margarita [Mikhail Bulgakov] [MdB]
My fair lady [G.B.Shaw/A.J.Lerner/F. Loewe] [MdB]
Othello [W. Shakespeare] [MdB]
Radůz a Mahulena [P. Ulrych/S. Moša] [MdB]
Romeo and Juliet [W. Shakespeare] [MdB]
Rose Marie [National Theatre Brno]
Death of a Salesman [A. Miller] [MdB]
Vladimir Vysotsky [Laitnerka club] [a lecture about Vladimir Vysotsky]
Hair [J. Rado/G. Ragni/G. MacDermot] [Pyramida theatre]

Amadeus [MdB]
The play about love, death and eternity [R. Rolland] [MdB]
A Midsummer Night Dream [W. Shakespeare/Z. Merta/S. Moša] [MdB]

Bastard [Z. Merta/S. Moša] [MdB]
A Flea in Her Ear [G. Feydeau] [MdB]
Man of La Mancha [D. Wasserman/J.Darion/M. Leigh] [Marta theatre]
The Education of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N [L. Rosten] [V theatre]

West Side Story [A. Laurents/L. Bernstein/S. Sondheim] [MdB]
and the winner is:

Cyrano de Bergerac! [E. Rostand] [MdB]

Don't wonder about my frequent MdB visiting - it is because I have known an usher in the theatre and she was letting me in for free. For all the time I was visiting the MdB theatre I paid only once: when I was on West Side Story for the first time. On the other times I was as a deadhead and later as an usher also.

PS: Maybe I will write a bit more about Cyrano play later.


My dreams

You already know my job. Now I show you my night's dream:


Nothing to read

There are five books I haven't yet finished, two unstarted books and two Reflexs [journal] on my bedside table. Nevertheless I'm going to bed and I find that I have nothing to read [as the same sitaution as you have the dressing room full of clothes but you have nothing to dress up for tonight's party]. Gah!


Books and the Русские фильмы

1) I finally finished the terrible book yesterday. The book is terrible because:
a) the translator has translated all the person's first names. He has written Czech Julián, not French Julien and so on. I don't like it. The book is French, the protgonists are French hence their names should be French too,
b) the story is OK but the book is too wordy. And the wordy books are hardly readable,
c) the protagonist Julien is silly but also single-minded, politic and he has an inferiority complex. This is a terrible combination.

2) Karel found a Russian shop in Brno yesterday. There are Russian vodka, candies, books, music and movies on DVD - with region code 2 in the shop. He bought a whole series of Nu pogodi! for my mother because she likes this popular Soviet animated series a lot.
I bought one DVD with these Russian movies:

The Sovereign's Servant [IMDB] [trailer] [web]
The Rider Named Death [IMDB]
The Barber of Siberia [IMDB] [trailer] [web]
Pushkin: The Last Duel [IMDB] [trailer]
The Fall of the Empire [IMDB] [trailer]
The State Counsellor [IMDB] [trailer] [web]
Turkish Gambit [IMDB] [trailer] [web]

Azazel [IMDB] [trailer]!

Because there are 8 movies in one [even double sided] DVD, the movies have low quality and they are without dubbing and titles. Nevermind. The important thing is I don't have to try to find a solution with my Russian DVD Azazel with region code 5.

PS: The main reason why the long picture collection is here is that I like to make pictures collection.