We were going on a trip today.
Because today is rainy day and the Greencastle was closed, we had to go shopping on Banbridge Outlet.
Marťas has bought two pairs of stunning shoes.
I have bought two normal t-shirts and a large bag for the new shoes, because they alerady fit not into our suitcase.


From Newry

I really want to write ANYTHING but hurrieldy I don't know WHAT to write.
Actually yes.
Marťas has embraced our favourite movie [yes, In Bruges] and has taught me a sentence "I love Dublin" [Colin Farrel says that in the movie with Irish accent] but he pronounce it more likely with Sayid's accent. I suppose there is wide difference between Marťas's [Sayid's] pronounce and Irish [Farrel's] accent.
As well as he [Marťas] constantly says about everything "this is fucking unbelievable" and his current motto is "shoot first, sightseeing later".


Brit pop and Ska jazz

The state of mind of trying to listen a music I still don't know came to me this week.

1) Blur - I have listened three albums, but I would like to listen again just this:
Actually also Country House and Song 2.

2) Saint Petersburg Ska Jazz Review - the Russian band I randomly discovered today. I like it at first listening. If you like jazz, try it:

Éire agus Tuaisceart Éireann

We are going to Ireland (also to the North Ireland where we will be accomodate all the time).

Now we have:
2 guide-books (the third was refused for being duplicite)
2 maps
1 book about Celtic myths.

Seeing that we will be laying in our beds in our accomodation and reading about beautiful Ireland and his landmarks-you-must-see for all the week. I guess the car reservation was very expensive stupidity.

A little bit unfair thing: a lot of people lend us the maps and the guides and a say our trip is enviable. When I went to Russia last year no one lent me anything and all the people though I'm a fool.

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