Boris Akunin again

I have the "Boris Akunin evening" again:

No news from Albatros publishing house. The promised State counsellor probably will not appear and I almost lost my trust in publication of next Akunin's books in Czech.
A lot of Akunin's books are online in Russian, but I know Russian lesser than English. Because English fulltexts are not available, I'm thinking about buying Akunin's books in English. Some of them could even be bought in Czech Republic.

I had writen about Статский советник movie and its website already and now I found the webpage of Турецкий гамбит movie.

The very pleasant report: The Azazel [also known as the Winter Queen] was discovered by Hollywood. Paul Verhoeven [RoboCop, Basic Instinct] directed movie Azazel is announced for the year 2009. The film premiere should be this year, but the shooting was postponed for Mila Jovovich pregnancy.
I'm very curious if Sharon Stone will impersonate tremendous boarding schools foundress.


The Chrismas spot

1) I've got really splendid laptop bag.
And I've got two floressence waters, four shower gels and the bath sals too. I hope it doesn't mean something.
2) The Midnight mass...I don't know why people [who are not Christians] are going to the Midnight mass. I like the Midnight mass, because for me it is a celebration really. But what is the Midnight mass for them? Maybe a show or something like a theare. Or maybe they used to go weekly to a church as childs with their parents and nowadays they are lazy or they haven't time to go to a church within a year. But they think they should go to the church at least once a year: to the Midnight mass. Because the Midnight mass is a special celebration after all.
The second question: Are they [non-Christians] going to the Midnight mass only to Catholic churches or to other churches too? If only to the Catholic, I will go to any Protestant church the next year.
I don't care about the kind of church. It is not important for me and finally I will be able to think about the celebration, not about non-Christians people in the church.



Today [actually yesterday evening] I made really good french manicure by myself...which was looking great until I break over a goulash from digester to the dish.


The Stardust

Me and Martin were at cinema to see Sturdust yesterday. I was looking forward to see this movie a lot [that much as I was looking forward to Christmas] since I have seen the trailer.

I like Stardust movie a lot. But I don't know what to write about it. Here are some reviews:


The Star of David

Usually I have a bracelet with the Star of David on my neck. I don't have any right now, because the last one I lost two years ago.
Since then I am looking for a new one in gaud shops and jewelleries. I still haven't found any Star of David I would like. Every Star of David I have seen was the "terezinian" kind. I don't want to wear a terezinian one, because I wasn't in Terezín, I have nothing common with it and I don't feel a right to have the terezinian star on my neck. By the way, Jewry reputedly don't like wearing a terezinian star by non-Jews and I wouldn't like to make disprepancy.

Last time I asked for the Star of David:
E: "Good afternoon, I would like the Star of David."
S: "OK, we have two kinds here."
E: "Thank you, but this one is too small and this one is too large. Do you have anything else?"
E: "No. But we have a pentagram."

Today I found two really beautiful ones. It was in the shop "Everything for 39,-".
The first one was blue with lettering "Love". The second one was red and it had a Chinese sign relief. The both together costed 59,-.
I really don't know...

Grey's Anatomy S03E15

Yesterday I watched Grey's Anatomy on TV. It was the 15th episode of the 3rd series. This episode had very very dramatic ending [the most dramatic ending of all episodes I have ever seen] and I was very very curious how it will continue.
But the Christmas next week. And these episodes weren't on Czech TV yet. Really delicious situation.
Primarily I wanted to watch La Reine Margot, because:
a) the movie seemed interesting,
b) Vincent Perez plays La Môle in this movie. I have weakness for him since he played in the Indochine.
But I needed to see the next episode od GA!
So, promptly I got the 16th episode. I was watching GA on my notebook and occasionally I looked at La Reine Margot on TV.
But...the 16th episode had much more dramatic ending than the 15th episode had. What could I do? It was 1am, but I really needed to see how it will continue.
So, promptly I got the 17th episode and the 18th episode for sure.
Happily on the 17th episode it turned out well. At 2am I could go to bed.
But today's getting up was very troublesome.


The quiz

Very bad. Yes. I know.



I think my friend Marcela probably has a folie to found the e-shops for her family and friends. I already know about five of them: sanitary goods, bycicle shop, sporting goods, skate shop and weighing-machine shop.
I'm thinking about she could found some for me too.
Maybe the e-shop with an architectural and civil engineering lecture notes. They are asked in our library a lot :)

About me and FI

The last two days were great. But I'm feelling terrible since this morning.

My friends Depka, Rip & Unzemi came to watch Love Actually. They came to my home, because there is a large TV in my flat. Before Love Actually we were watching the first and the second episode of the IT Crowd series. We all are enjoying it.
Unzemi has eaten almost all mandarines which I had. I dislike it, because I like mandarines a lot. On the other hand Depka took a caramel chocolate that I whole ate yesterday [actually today at 1:15am].

So, now I know the best way to Christmas cleaning. You must to invite your friends to visit your house/flat one or two weeks before Christmas. If they promise to come, you know you must clean your house/flat because you are affraid they should look your clutter home.

Firstly: the meeting with Jane in coffee-bar. She still doesn't hear with her left ear.
I had a pfefer steak, because I need to spend my meal ticket till end of the year. I had it without side-dish, because in this caffe-bar you can spend only two meal ticket in one visit.

Secondly: the meeting with W. on the main station and to going to meeting with VšV etc.
I know VšV etc. from my studies on the Faculty of Informatics. I was studying the graphical design there. "VšV" is the promoter of this divison on FI. "Etc." are all the other people who are teaching or studying at graphical design division.

Maybe you're wondering. I really passed out a few courses on the Faculty of Informatics. [primarily I studied on the Division of Library Studies at Faculty of Arts].
For the studying of graphical design division is necessary to pass the course of Elements of visual communication. I attended the course with my classmate W. and with my longtime friend Martiner. We were playing piškvorky with Martiner on lessons and today he is my boyfriend.
The Elements of visual communication course are visiting almost all the students of FI because they are thinking it's a simple course. But absolute majority of them doesn't continue to next courses.
I did.
I passed out all these courses:
Graphical design I/II/III
Fonts of Type and Calligraphy I /II/III
Typography I/II/III
I enjoyed it and I felt comfortable at FI. It was great time.

The meeting...the meeting was great, because there was a few my friens I had last seen for long time ago. To one of them I found work a few years ago. I think he should to give me any fittage [unfortunately he doesn't think it] :).
These people are my friends, because we were on a legendary vacation together. The vacation we called "Plein air - Manoeuvres Lipnice 2002". The Plein air is a yearly summer vacation for tutors and students of Graphical design division. The students are learning draw, paint, photograph and so on there.
But the "Plein air - Manoeuvres Lipnice 2002" was specific, because its was the first.
We agreemented of organization such vacations again.
I hope its works out fine, because we all are looking forward it.


Adobe Flash Player/Heroes

I was on the computing training today and I learned a lot of helpful things. For example:
to install FireFox,
to open a new panel in Firefox by clicking right mouse button [I teach others people, inluding the tutor, to open and to close panels at FF by the mouse wheel],
to ban and to allow JavaScript,
to install AcrobatReader,
to use adblock [I'm glad, because I forgot to use adblock in my job].

All these functions I knew and used before this computing training. But I think this is good for a lot of others people who didn't. Especially I must appreciate the hoax topic.
There are a lot of people [not only] in my job who needs to go to computing training like this, but they think that they do not need it.

So, finally the main topic of this spot: There is the flagrant similarity between the very much mysterious sign from Heroes series and the logo of the Adobe Flash Player.

PS: The tutor many times used the word "doubleclick". She pleased me a lot :)


2008 calendar

December is the month when we get the calendars for the next year at work. Our secretary thinks I'm the best choice for the calendar "Touch of light - the catholic calendar". All right. But what about I would be a member of Czechoslovak Hussite Church?