Boris Akunin again

I have the "Boris Akunin evening" again:

No news from Albatros publishing house. The promised State counsellor probably will not appear and I almost lost my trust in publication of next Akunin's books in Czech.
A lot of Akunin's books are online in Russian, but I know Russian lesser than English. Because English fulltexts are not available, I'm thinking about buying Akunin's books in English. Some of them could even be bought in Czech Republic.

I had writen about Статский советник movie and its website already and now I found the webpage of Турецкий гамбит movie.

The very pleasant report: The Azazel [also known as the Winter Queen] was discovered by Hollywood. Paul Verhoeven [RoboCop, Basic Instinct] directed movie Azazel is announced for the year 2009. The film premiere should be this year, but the shooting was postponed for Mila Jovovich pregnancy.
I'm very curious if Sharon Stone will impersonate tremendous boarding schools foundress.

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