The Chrismas spot

1) I've got really splendid laptop bag.
And I've got two floressence waters, four shower gels and the bath sals too. I hope it doesn't mean something.
2) The Midnight mass...I don't know why people [who are not Christians] are going to the Midnight mass. I like the Midnight mass, because for me it is a celebration really. But what is the Midnight mass for them? Maybe a show or something like a theare. Or maybe they used to go weekly to a church as childs with their parents and nowadays they are lazy or they haven't time to go to a church within a year. But they think they should go to the church at least once a year: to the Midnight mass. Because the Midnight mass is a special celebration after all.
The second question: Are they [non-Christians] going to the Midnight mass only to Catholic churches or to other churches too? If only to the Catholic, I will go to any Protestant church the next year.
I don't care about the kind of church. It is not important for me and finally I will be able to think about the celebration, not about non-Christians people in the church.


Melody said...

I've never been to Midnight Mass. I'm not really religious.. if I had to say which religion I felt most connected to I would say Buddhism. Anyway.. I think a lot of people go to church or use religion when it's convenient for them. Most of the time we don't even think about it or feel it or follow it.

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