The Marriage

My father, Depka, John and I visited Vinohrady Theatre yesterday to see Gogol's Marriage. Thanks to director Morávek we had "V.I.P. tickets" to 11th gradine.
The whole thing with the trip to Prague theatre and this play was because of my father. He had decided to see Morávek's play on other theatre than Husa na provázku theatre in Brno [where Morávek usualy makes plays].
Dad and John enjoyed it. For me it was lenghty [as all the plays in Vinohrady theatre] and noisy [Veronika Žilková above all]. Depka said it had looked like classic director Morávek's play with the same people for costumes, pageant and music as in Husa na provázku. So I've deduced the play in Husa would be identic as was here.

Nevermind, the trip was enjoyable.