Today's religious joke

Four men come in the Heaven. St. Peter asks the first one: "Faith?"
St. Peter: "Ok, room no. 42. Beware, you have to be quiet when you will go around a room no. 8"
"Next! Faith?"
"Ok, room no. 15. Beware, you have to be quiet when you will go around a room no. 8"
"Next! Faith?"
"Ok, room no. 107. Beware, you have to be quiet when you will go around a room no. 8"
"Next! Faith?"
"Ok, room no. 12. Beware, you have to be quiet when you will go around a room no. 8"
Jude says: "I see the separeate accomodation. But why to beware about room no. 8?"
St. Peter says with the lower tone: "This is the catholic room. They think they are alone here."


An Advent calendar 09'

Because we didn't get traditional chocolate Advent calendar this year, we have to get ourrself an alternative one. However these cubes are empty so we can use them as abacus.

The proof [deatail with nubers] that this is true Advent calendar:


Shame on me

1) I realized today that I've never listened the whole Bedřich Smetana's Má vlast.

2) There was a violinist in a church last Sunday who was playing the Symphony No. 9 [also known as New World Symphony] composed by another Czech famous composer Antonín Dvořák. My mother had to tell me the fact that is Symphony No. 9. because I didn't know what the music is. I think it's a shame.

So...let's start by symphonic poem Vltava [also known as Die Moldau] what described the course of Czech river Vltava.


Jokes and something about new Sherlock Holmes

A grand celebration with banket. About forty novices get symbolical wedding with Jesus Chirst. A lot of relatives, friends and so on are here.
But at the banquet appeared three strange men with black hats, gaberdines, side curls and eat a lot of meal, cakes and desserts.
At the and of the banquet the most courious fellows ask:
"Forgive us, are you friends or relatives of any Jesus Christ bride?"
Three men are willing to explain:
"We are relatives - but the bridegroom party."

I think a lot of people want Holmes and Watson as old men or dodos maybe. Not do I.
Conversatives on the Nyx forum compare Guy's Holmes to Vinnetou played by Ice-T. I'm not against it. On the contrary I think it's high time to make cover of Vinnetou.


The weekend

The weekend was:
Travelling - a trip to Prague
Ceremonial - there was a wedding in Prague.
Gastronomic - because the wedding reception was in a French restaurant owned by a French Chef
Shopping - I've bought boot-trees and a thing named Skubb in IKEA [buying more space is much better than throwing my clothing away I suppose]
Cultural - 1) We have gone to a cinema with bride in the prewedding evening and 2) I've visited:

I was allowed to make pictures by my cell phone:

Foreign minister, Prime minister and the second President of Czechoslovakia as a member of SK Slavia football team and dateless shoes I like:


English speaking blondie

I have an English time by now - reading, listening, watching in English.



I have found myself to be a favourite at work.
The apricot cake, cheese and apple strudel were brought for a breakfast. Through all the day I got a box of mango juice, chocolat Milka and Kofila stick from collegues.
And a little snack was sent to me from my mum.
What a great day.


MBTI Personality test

I have tested myself why I'm misunderstood by the whole world.

A result of the first [Czech, 56 questions] test is:
Personality type: ISFJ - I(+4), S(+4), F(+6), J(+2)
Temperament: SJ

A result of the second [English, 76 question] is:

M. tested himself also. Now I know why is a misunderstanding between us. He is the same personality type as Profesor Moriarty, Vito Carleone, Marsellus Wallace, Blofeld, O-Ren Ishii or Hannibal Lecter.

About personality types:

I'm glad that I have choosen the right job [librarian] and I'm the same personality type as Queen Elizabeth [I have a stamp collection with her] and Michael Caine. On the other hand to be the same type as Dr. Watson and Ofélie is IMHO nothing to be proud of.