MBTI Personality test

I have tested myself why I'm misunderstood by the whole world.

A result of the first [Czech, 56 questions] test is:
Personality type: ISFJ - I(+4), S(+4), F(+6), J(+2)
Temperament: SJ

A result of the second [English, 76 question] is:

M. tested himself also. Now I know why is a misunderstanding between us. He is the same personality type as Profesor Moriarty, Vito Carleone, Marsellus Wallace, Blofeld, O-Ren Ishii or Hannibal Lecter.

About personality types:

I'm glad that I have choosen the right job [librarian] and I'm the same personality type as Queen Elizabeth [I have a stamp collection with her] and Michael Caine. On the other hand to be the same type as Dr. Watson and Ofélie is IMHO nothing to be proud of.

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Emma Jasmine said...

You are talking about very interesting topic. You tested yourself and you noticed what are the positive and negative points in you. Personality development is important to increase your growth level. Personality test can help you choose your career path.You should test yourself regular. A good personality provides extra motivation to succeed. You can reach top of world.