I have a lot of experiences from the Big-Christian action. But all of them takes my father on his vacation in Bibione who had lost a car key. In the sea.



I have found the great music thing: musicovery.com. Unfortunatelly I will not be able to play with it because I'm going on my vacation tomorrow. Gah.

I know this is really not a novelty. Nevermind.



Attention: this is not a witty spot. I am in bad temper and I want to write about it.

I had really_bad_day yesterday. It started in the morning and continued through all the day till the evening. I was looging forward to go to sleep whole the day as for stopping other troubles.
Today I'm feeling like punch-drunk. My colegue Ziki thinks it's because I drink very few of alcohol.

I retrospect the Russian tour as more nostalgic as usual I do from the last Sunday. In these days it is just a year ago when all my fellow travellers suffered [because the rain, mosquitos, cold, no bathroom for a weeks and so on] and I had the great time [because I was in Russia]. I want back and I don't care to have wet clothes and all the other stuff and to have not a place to sleep.
For a little hope I promised myself going to Russia again as a gift to my thirtieth birthday.
I'm going to read what did I do a year ago [in Czech only] now. This is the one thing...actually this short movie also...which make me smile today.



Today I found the replacement of books and their pictures on anobii.com is not as unusual as I thought. It is related to books by which I had not added pictures [because I have't them]. So, the mistakes are not my business.
There are a few new incorrect records in my shelf today: Saturnin, Wild swans, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain a hlavně Cyrano de Bergerac.


About the scriptures

Very funny thing happened to me today.

With high probability it seems funny only to me. Whatever.
I have an account on Anobii.com. Anobii is something like a virtual bookshelf where people can add their books, rate them, to discuss about them and so on. This week I add my devotional literature. Everything was all right until the picture of Koran have appeared with the entry of Bible.

For my part, the main problem is the incorrect picture with the book record [a large part of both books is equivalent anyway]. But some of Gothic opinion Jesuit or inquisitor might find it.

I fixed the problem by the picture changing of course. But it takes two days, so I removed the Bible from my shelf ad interim and now I hope for nobody looking for it.