Long cat

There was a longcat on Twitter yesterday:

It remains to me my father's cat Fortinbras when she wants out:

Pitty I have no photo of her as staying on hinders and show me a door handle by her hand.



Friday was very succesfful day:
- We've got a new boiler in our apartment.
- I have a new brother.
- My favourite theatre play Cyrano de Bergerac will be performed again after a long long time.

- In the morning I went to Zlín for a weekend.
- In the afternoon Martin went to Mallorca for next week.

Sunday was not so much successful as friday:
- When I came home there were just two empty bottles of tequila in the kitchen and our apartment looked like after housebreakers attack.
- A German wants to stay at our vicarage.
- The washing-machine sifter choooed up.
At least the internet connection si OK.