MBTI Personality test

I have tested myself why I'm misunderstood by the whole world.

A result of the first [Czech, 56 questions] test is:
Personality type: ISFJ - I(+4), S(+4), F(+6), J(+2)
Temperament: SJ

A result of the second [English, 76 question] is:

M. tested himself also. Now I know why is a misunderstanding between us. He is the same personality type as Profesor Moriarty, Vito Carleone, Marsellus Wallace, Blofeld, O-Ren Ishii or Hannibal Lecter.

About personality types:

I'm glad that I have choosen the right job [librarian] and I'm the same personality type as Queen Elizabeth [I have a stamp collection with her] and Michael Caine. On the other hand to be the same type as Dr. Watson and Ofélie is IMHO nothing to be proud of.