Satiated slowly

I have wanted to write a tract about the songs which are played on TV and radio over and over [for their bad luck]. But I have forgot what exactly I wanted to write. So just short notice: I would like to say thanks to all radio stations for speedy satiety of the very nice song Falling Slowly.


The manicure and pasqueflowers

I have new beautiful french manicure since yesterday. It was a little bit expensive but now I could break over a goulash from digester to the dish.
Today me, my mum and K. made a trip on Kamenný vrch. I was there for the first time. There is a small wilderness area where are growing the pasqueflowers. Don't tell me that snowdrops and spring snowflakes are the first blooming flowers of a year.


Kombajn everywhere

OMG, there is almost no place on Czech internet without Kombajn. If I ate fish, I would be affraid that Kombajn peeps on me out of a sardine-oil-tin soon.


My job

Everybody still asks me what do I actually do in my job:

The Blogger and RSS

I find a very unpleasant thing just now: if you have a blog on Blogger.com with "only authors access", it is not possible to add this blog to your RSS reader, not even to Google Reader. Of course it makes sense because Blogger.com doesn't create a RSS feed to this blog.
What if the blog has more authors? How would I get informed about a new spot of any other author?



I'm glad I don't have to do anything difficult [especially play squash] because I'm feeling pretty unwell today. The Alterna pub makes me unwell everytime I go there no matter I fuddle or not. If I drank alcohol yesterday I would have a hangover today, but I didn't so I don't have a hangover. I have just an ordinary headache.
It would be much better for me [and my body] if I don't have to get up at 8 o'clock in the morning and if I don't have to be a guide for the High School for Vocational Studies in Information and Library Sciences students in my work today.
And on the end of this hard day I opened Martiner's bloggie and it was in PINK colours [because St. Valentine day]. Scary.



Yesterday I had a hard day, because of my hangover after Friday's party and:
1st - One whole hour of squash playing
2nd - Watching "comedy series of Czech presidential election" on TV
3rd - A trip with Štepánek and Lenička. Actually we [Martin and I] went on a trip and they [Štepánek and Lenička] went geocaching.
4th - Watching Nominations of Czech movies from 2007 for Czech lion award. Ester Kočičková [a moderator of the ceremonial] has very showy hair style and she was very enjoyable and witty.


The adoption

My colleagues have decided to sponsor some child from India. There is a entitled paper "Here you can write your tips" in the kitchen in my work from today's morning and there are photos and information about three Indic girls on the paper.
As far as Alena and me would like to sponsor some child from Belarus, because it is much more known for us than India and of course we would go to visit our sponsor-child more often to Belarus than to India.


In the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts

I was in the Central Library of my alma mater today and have found this graffito in a lavatory:


The trip

Me, my mother and Karel made a trip to the Cairn of peace yesterday. In the town of Šlapanice we had to make a short break because the road to Prace village was stocked with a carnival parade. Nevertheless we reached the Cairn of peace before the sunset. Really enjoyable trip.