Boris Akunin again

I have the "Boris Akunin evening" again:

No news from Albatros publishing house. The promised State counsellor probably will not appear and I almost lost my trust in publication of next Akunin's books in Czech.
A lot of Akunin's books are online in Russian, but I know Russian lesser than English. Because English fulltexts are not available, I'm thinking about buying Akunin's books in English. Some of them could even be bought in Czech Republic.

I had writen about Статский советник movie and its website already and now I found the webpage of Турецкий гамбит movie.

The very pleasant report: The Azazel [also known as the Winter Queen] was discovered by Hollywood. Paul Verhoeven [RoboCop, Basic Instinct] directed movie Azazel is announced for the year 2009. The film premiere should be this year, but the shooting was postponed for Mila Jovovich pregnancy.
I'm very curious if Sharon Stone will impersonate tremendous boarding schools foundress.


The Chrismas spot

1) I've got really splendid laptop bag.
And I've got two floressence waters, four shower gels and the bath sals too. I hope it doesn't mean something.
2) The Midnight mass...I don't know why people [who are not Christians] are going to the Midnight mass. I like the Midnight mass, because for me it is a celebration really. But what is the Midnight mass for them? Maybe a show or something like a theare. Or maybe they used to go weekly to a church as childs with their parents and nowadays they are lazy or they haven't time to go to a church within a year. But they think they should go to the church at least once a year: to the Midnight mass. Because the Midnight mass is a special celebration after all.
The second question: Are they [non-Christians] going to the Midnight mass only to Catholic churches or to other churches too? If only to the Catholic, I will go to any Protestant church the next year.
I don't care about the kind of church. It is not important for me and finally I will be able to think about the celebration, not about non-Christians people in the church.



Today [actually yesterday evening] I made really good french manicure by myself...which was looking great until I break over a goulash from digester to the dish.


The Stardust

Me and Martin were at cinema to see Sturdust yesterday. I was looking forward to see this movie a lot [that much as I was looking forward to Christmas] since I have seen the trailer.

I like Stardust movie a lot. But I don't know what to write about it. Here are some reviews:


The Star of David

Usually I have a bracelet with the Star of David on my neck. I don't have any right now, because the last one I lost two years ago.
Since then I am looking for a new one in gaud shops and jewelleries. I still haven't found any Star of David I would like. Every Star of David I have seen was the "terezinian" kind. I don't want to wear a terezinian one, because I wasn't in Terezín, I have nothing common with it and I don't feel a right to have the terezinian star on my neck. By the way, Jewry reputedly don't like wearing a terezinian star by non-Jews and I wouldn't like to make disprepancy.

Last time I asked for the Star of David:
E: "Good afternoon, I would like the Star of David."
S: "OK, we have two kinds here."
E: "Thank you, but this one is too small and this one is too large. Do you have anything else?"
E: "No. But we have a pentagram."

Today I found two really beautiful ones. It was in the shop "Everything for 39,-".
The first one was blue with lettering "Love". The second one was red and it had a Chinese sign relief. The both together costed 59,-.
I really don't know...

Grey's Anatomy S03E15

Yesterday I watched Grey's Anatomy on TV. It was the 15th episode of the 3rd series. This episode had very very dramatic ending [the most dramatic ending of all episodes I have ever seen] and I was very very curious how it will continue.
But the Christmas next week. And these episodes weren't on Czech TV yet. Really delicious situation.
Primarily I wanted to watch La Reine Margot, because:
a) the movie seemed interesting,
b) Vincent Perez plays La Môle in this movie. I have weakness for him since he played in the Indochine.
But I needed to see the next episode od GA!
So, promptly I got the 16th episode. I was watching GA on my notebook and occasionally I looked at La Reine Margot on TV.
But...the 16th episode had much more dramatic ending than the 15th episode had. What could I do? It was 1am, but I really needed to see how it will continue.
So, promptly I got the 17th episode and the 18th episode for sure.
Happily on the 17th episode it turned out well. At 2am I could go to bed.
But today's getting up was very troublesome.


The quiz

Very bad. Yes. I know.



I think my friend Marcela probably has a folie to found the e-shops for her family and friends. I already know about five of them: sanitary goods, bycicle shop, sporting goods, skate shop and weighing-machine shop.
I'm thinking about she could found some for me too.
Maybe the e-shop with an architectural and civil engineering lecture notes. They are asked in our library a lot :)

About me and FI

The last two days were great. But I'm feelling terrible since this morning.

My friends Depka, Rip & Unzemi came to watch Love Actually. They came to my home, because there is a large TV in my flat. Before Love Actually we were watching the first and the second episode of the IT Crowd series. We all are enjoying it.
Unzemi has eaten almost all mandarines which I had. I dislike it, because I like mandarines a lot. On the other hand Depka took a caramel chocolate that I whole ate yesterday [actually today at 1:15am].

So, now I know the best way to Christmas cleaning. You must to invite your friends to visit your house/flat one or two weeks before Christmas. If they promise to come, you know you must clean your house/flat because you are affraid they should look your clutter home.

Firstly: the meeting with Jane in coffee-bar. She still doesn't hear with her left ear.
I had a pfefer steak, because I need to spend my meal ticket till end of the year. I had it without side-dish, because in this caffe-bar you can spend only two meal ticket in one visit.

Secondly: the meeting with W. on the main station and to going to meeting with VšV etc.
I know VšV etc. from my studies on the Faculty of Informatics. I was studying the graphical design there. "VšV" is the promoter of this divison on FI. "Etc." are all the other people who are teaching or studying at graphical design division.

Maybe you're wondering. I really passed out a few courses on the Faculty of Informatics. [primarily I studied on the Division of Library Studies at Faculty of Arts].
For the studying of graphical design division is necessary to pass the course of Elements of visual communication. I attended the course with my classmate W. and with my longtime friend Martiner. We were playing piškvorky with Martiner on lessons and today he is my boyfriend.
The Elements of visual communication course are visiting almost all the students of FI because they are thinking it's a simple course. But absolute majority of them doesn't continue to next courses.
I did.
I passed out all these courses:
Graphical design I/II/III
Fonts of Type and Calligraphy I /II/III
Typography I/II/III
I enjoyed it and I felt comfortable at FI. It was great time.

The meeting...the meeting was great, because there was a few my friens I had last seen for long time ago. To one of them I found work a few years ago. I think he should to give me any fittage [unfortunately he doesn't think it] :).
These people are my friends, because we were on a legendary vacation together. The vacation we called "Plein air - Manoeuvres Lipnice 2002". The Plein air is a yearly summer vacation for tutors and students of Graphical design division. The students are learning draw, paint, photograph and so on there.
But the "Plein air - Manoeuvres Lipnice 2002" was specific, because its was the first.
We agreemented of organization such vacations again.
I hope its works out fine, because we all are looking forward it.


Adobe Flash Player/Heroes

I was on the computing training today and I learned a lot of helpful things. For example:
to install FireFox,
to open a new panel in Firefox by clicking right mouse button [I teach others people, inluding the tutor, to open and to close panels at FF by the mouse wheel],
to ban and to allow JavaScript,
to install AcrobatReader,
to use adblock [I'm glad, because I forgot to use adblock in my job].

All these functions I knew and used before this computing training. But I think this is good for a lot of others people who didn't. Especially I must appreciate the hoax topic.
There are a lot of people [not only] in my job who needs to go to computing training like this, but they think that they do not need it.

So, finally the main topic of this spot: There is the flagrant similarity between the very much mysterious sign from Heroes series and the logo of the Adobe Flash Player.

PS: The tutor many times used the word "doubleclick". She pleased me a lot :)


2008 calendar

December is the month when we get the calendars for the next year at work. Our secretary thinks I'm the best choice for the calendar "Touch of light - the catholic calendar". All right. But what about I would be a member of Czechoslovak Hussite Church?


The Dilemma

This day is unusual.
Usually there is nothing I would like to watching on TV. But today I have a problem to decide what I will be watching. Look:
ČT1: Bylo nás pět, episode 1 [My favourite czech series]
ČT2: The Miracle Planet: Evolution of education
Nova: Černí baroni [Czech movie]
Prima: Hercule Poirot - Cards on the Table

I was sorry for myself because no one could go to the pub with me. Though it's Friady evening! But when I looked at the TV program, I'd changed my mind and I decided this night will be TV tonight.
(Right now I discovered there is my favourite fairy tale "About pronounce wrongly princess" on Sunday's TV program. It's well-known czech fairy tale. But unfortunately I will not see it :( )

Update 10:25PM
Everything is fine.
Excluding Jan Kraus talk show. Jan Kraus talk show is for example something like The tonight show with Jay Leno, but in Czech. Jan Kraus is jokeful. Yes. But he is egoistical and ill-mannered too. He still interrupts his guests. I mind it, because his guest are interesting people and I'm interesting what they are saying. But I don't hear them, because Jan Kraus is still blathering his wouldbe witty comments.
I'm looking forward Ally McBeal.


I've changed my mind

The two-language blog doesn't look like as good as I thought.
From now this blog is English only and here is the Czech one.

You can also read

I added a new feature on my blog a few weeks ago. It is on the right side of this text. It's called "You can also read". There are some articles I like in this section. They are from the blogs that are in my RSS reader.
Today I added a similar feature. It's called "You can also read II". There are an articles which are not in my RSS reader, but I like them too.

PS: The feature "You can also read" is not here because there are the articles that are in Czech language.


Jesus dress up

Attention for tender-minded Christians: ignore this spot. Seriously.

I really didn't mean to write about it. But the Christmas collection...I can't resist anymore: www.jesusdressup.com.

I and M. love the Elvis mask from the Superstar collection. But the others are nice too.
And by the theme, www.vystrihovanky.cz. Click on the "Figury" at menu on leftside.

Mrs. Mind the Gap

The most important person of the week: Emma Clarke

Metro: Voice of Tube sacked for spoofs
The Independent: Please, mind the gap: The people behind Britain's most iconic voices
Thisislondon.co.uk: Meet Miss 'Mind the gap'
Yahoo News: London PA voice fired for slamming Tube
And so on...

By the theme, yesterday me and my collegue talked about the London Underground in the Prague metro. We both love the London Underground [and we both hate the Prague metro]. We would like to go to London and to spend the whole day in the Tube.
The collegue has a Tube map as a desktop in his computer. Of course, he was delighted when he saw my little "Underground" flashlight. I think he's going to London as early as possible. He told me he would like to buy a large paper map of London Underground there. But he has a problem: how to get a large paper map of Tube from London to his flat in Brno without any kind of damage?

PS: By the way, I love the Moscow metro too. It is as intriguing as the London Underground for me. And I have to say, the Moscow Underground has a very special and beautiful stations [some stations look a little bit scary]. Look at photos.


Four pieces of knowledge from my official journey

I'm on the official journey today.
It's early afternoon and I already have four new pieces of knowledge:
1) When I have to get up very very early in the morning [need to catch a bus] the problem is not to get up. The problem is to recognize what is the time, and to recognize that it is the time when I really have to get up.
2) Watching an american romatic comedy with Jenniffer Lopez with English subtitles is a good English practice. Especially for the English beginner as I am. But all foreign-language movies in Student Agency buses are czech dubbed, so I saw whole movie without audio.
3) I think I stay on the wrong side of the barricade in the case of EIZ [electronical information sources]. On our side we are trying to buy EIZ as low price as possible. On the other side the providers want to sell EIZ as expansive as possible. But the providers dict the conditions of business, not we do.
4) There really is a cafe with wi-fi in Prague between the Muzeum station and the Main station, the Café Amsterdam.



I wanted to wrote about yesterday's enjoyable and funny concert. But after I started writing spots in Czech and English I'm not even able to write in Czech. :(



Me, Marťas and Geda are going to a concert tonight.
- Geda is going to the concert because her boyfriend David is going there too. As far as David will primarily be together with his friends Geda will be together with me and Marťas.
- I'm going to the concert because Geda is going. And because it is a ska concert and I like ska music.
- My boyfriend Marťas is going to the concert because he wants to look culturally. He doesn't care it's a ska concert. And not only he doesn't listen to ska music, but even [as far as I know] he doesn't like it. Once when I was listening to ska at home he asked me "what's the awe". Nevertheless he asks me "what's the awe" always when I'm listening to a music I like.
So the concert starts at 8pm. Geda, David and his friends are going to meet at 8pm too. Though not only the meeting is on the other side of the city, but even they're going to the pub at first. To the concert place they would like to come about 10pm [David said at 9pm "is too soon"].
Me, Marťas and Geda are going to meet at 9pm, but Geda already wrote me she probably won't make it. She also wrote the tickets can not be bought in advance, but at the concert place only.
I'm not sure there will be some free tickets at 9.30pm.


My own study hour

I have decided to write some spots in Czech and in English, too. The reason is that it's time to do something with my poor English. A few weeks ago I have started reading English book, but I think it's not enough.
I know that my English is not very good now. But this is one of my ways how to improve it. Be patient with me, please. And of course, correct my mistakes, if you would like.


My doctor Tom prescribed me a tramal for my aching jawbone. Although I ate one tramal, my jawbone still hurts. But I don't care about it and I'm very joyful now. Thanks to tramal I know what I can do with my non-drink-alcohol nature. In the pub I will be drinking orange juice with water as usual and I will take one tramal. Then I will be in the same state of mind as my friends who will be drinking snifters and beer. And thanks to tramal I will save a lot of money.

Update 1:35pm
Taking back! I hate tramal now. I'm not joyful anymore. On the contrary I'm feeling very ill. And I discovered tramal is addictive.
In that case I'm going back to ibuprofen and as soon as I'am at home, I will drink White Russian.



1) Some news:

A half of British people were connected to foreign wi-fi
. The problem is, this is a criminal act in Great Britain.
They have a kosher mobile phones in Israel
A vicar's wife wants a part of his church
Men stop thinking when they meet a blonde
Tři sestry have a new album. It makes us happy.

2) We are going to move the kitchen unit now. My mother and K. are going to buy a new kitchen unit next week [yippee] and as a consequence we don't need to look for a kitchen unit for Dolní Morava in the future [yippee].

3) W. bought her own squash racket. It's fine, because she is not going to borrow a squash racket from M. anymore. We all are very happy. Me and W. are looking forward to our next sqash match, because every our sqash match is very funny.

4) My jawbone still hurts. It is not as too horrible as yesterday, but... I have eaten a lot of ibalgins since wednesday and now I almost have a glaring pink skin [the same color as the ibalgin has].

5) Finally it colder in Espoo than in Brno.
I'm not envious. I think it is not natural tha it is colder in Brno than in Finland.


Be a ganxta yeah!

Every time I meet some butch fifteen-year-old gangsta who has a too large baseball cap, I must to laugh. Within oneself of course. To laugh to butch gangsta should be dangerous.
If you don't laugh to gangsta and converslay you would like to be gangsta too, here you are an instruction [in Czech only].


The Hunt

Do someone has soundtrack of The Talented Mr. Ripley?
Especially the song Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano. Because I love this song performed by Jude Law and co.


We should had gone to Dolní Morava yesterday, but we stayed at home. As far as we stayed at home we and Martins' parents have a lot of food that me and Martins mother Jana cooked for all brigade-workes.
And because we are not at brigade at Dolní Morava we have a leisure this weekend. The leisure we are spending in our bed with our pets now [Acer TravelMate 8003LMi and Acer TravelMate 2493WLMi].

I think of two old PC games that I had liked to play a few years ago. I hope to find this games and play them. I think you certainly know this games too: Dynablaster and Atomic.


At the dentist

We have had a workshop in the central library today. I like workshops in the central library because I meet the colleagues from the others VUT libraries there. And I like it because in this workshops I discovered that my colleagues have the same problems in their libraries as I do in my library.
But this is not the main topic of this spot.

I made an appointment with my denstist a few weeks ago. Today I went there. My dentist found one little caries. This caries was on my late tooth on the left lower jawbone. Because I hate my late teeth I told my dentist to extract this tooth.
So, the dentist gave me the local anaesthetic and then she tried to extract the tooth.
It was hurts.
OK, we were waiting ten minutes for the better function of the local anaesthetic.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the second time.
The dentist gave me the second local anaesthetic.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the third time.
We were waiting next ten minutes for the better function of the local anaesthetic. The dentist with her nurse were explaining me how the local anaestetic does work and they tried to argue me the pain is not pain, but only a press.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the fourth time. I promised to not scream anymore.
The dentist gave me the third local anaesthetic. Because I was in the dental surgery an hour already, she moved me to another dental chair. On the occasion I took a book from my bag, because I didn't care to looking out of the window anymore.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the fifth time. She promised that was the last attempt. She said if that doesn't work, I have to go to surgery.
The dentis didn't care and she continued to extract the tooth.
The nurse: "the tooth is almost out of your mouth".
The nurse: "just a dab".
The nurse: "look, it's done".
The dentist: "the nurse make an appointment with you for your second caries".
Me within onesefl: "Gosh! She didn't speak about the second caries before".


The public inquiry

There has been a lot of public inquiries about the New Building of the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague. The Ikaros has a very nice one [Czech only].
Magvia.cz looks like as the same as the blog of Jorge Garica. Jorge Garcia creates Hurley in Lost series. It's not just a luck.


The Cocktail

In the occasion of my graduation in 2005 my mom bought a bottle of Key rum and she keep forcing me to drink it.

As you may know [and some of you still haven't acknowledge], I don't like alcohol a lot. And if I have no choice, I prefer alcohol in a form of cocktail. Today's afternoon we made one called "What can be found in da flat".
- a bit of Key rum
- two bits of strawberry juice
- two pieces of mandarin


Franz Ferdinand: The dark of the Matinée

The interpreter: Franz Ferdinand
The album: Franz Ferdinand [2004]
The song: The dark of the Matinée

Who likes this song, I can recommend the whole [IMHO precious] album.


About theatre, books and the series

1) We were at MdB to see the Fame musical. Good, but if I may choose, in future I would like to see the West Side Story at the sixt time rather than the Fame at the second time.
Also, I think Stanislav Moša, the theatre director, is megalomaniac. When I was working at MdB [seven years ago], the theatre has one house, today its occupied three houses.
2) Few weeks ago I have read the notice about Stephen Leacock and then I remembered I didn't read any Leacock's book for a long long time ago. So I went to the library to borrow all free [7] books by Leacock. Just the same day I impatiently started to read one of them but unfortunately the book wasn't as too readable as I had thought it should be. After the first book [Literary lapses] I started to read the Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice [I've never read it before] for a relaxation and I came to the conclusion that I would like to read 7 Austin's books rather than 7 Leacock's books.
After Pride and Prejudice I have tried to read any else book by Leacock, but I have enjoyed it lesser than the Literary lapses.
So all the Leacock's books I have gave back to the library and five of them was unreaded. I don't like gave back unreaded books. Maybe because I'm librarian...? :)
3) I decided to do something with my poor English:
a) I have started to read Agatha Christie's Autobiography in English. The book was bought in London few years ago by myself and its time is finally comming. I'm really curious how long time I will entertaining to read not-native-language book. I like this book a lot and I have read it many times, lastly on my Russia trip this summer.
b) Inside four days [I finished reading the book] I've got the BBC series Pride and Prejudice with English subtitles, too. I'm looking forward to English lessons with Colin Firth.


The science and technique week

Next week will be [not only] in Brno The science and technique week. I think it should be very interesting proceeding on very interesting places [schools, planetarium, Bookstore cafe and so on]. I'm going to discourse "The ninety years old Great October Socialist Revolution wasn't great, wasn't October not even Socialist". Firstly it is interested for me and secondly when I will reading the History of Russia book, I will may say to myself something like "humph, I already know it" or "it wasn't to be as they write here".