Adobe Flash Player/Heroes

I was on the computing training today and I learned a lot of helpful things. For example:
to install FireFox,
to open a new panel in Firefox by clicking right mouse button [I teach others people, inluding the tutor, to open and to close panels at FF by the mouse wheel],
to ban and to allow JavaScript,
to install AcrobatReader,
to use adblock [I'm glad, because I forgot to use adblock in my job].

All these functions I knew and used before this computing training. But I think this is good for a lot of others people who didn't. Especially I must appreciate the hoax topic.
There are a lot of people [not only] in my job who needs to go to computing training like this, but they think that they do not need it.

So, finally the main topic of this spot: There is the flagrant similarity between the very much mysterious sign from Heroes series and the logo of the Adobe Flash Player.

PS: The tutor many times used the word "doubleclick". She pleased me a lot :)

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