About me and FI

The last two days were great. But I'm feelling terrible since this morning.

My friends Depka, Rip & Unzemi came to watch Love Actually. They came to my home, because there is a large TV in my flat. Before Love Actually we were watching the first and the second episode of the IT Crowd series. We all are enjoying it.
Unzemi has eaten almost all mandarines which I had. I dislike it, because I like mandarines a lot. On the other hand Depka took a caramel chocolate that I whole ate yesterday [actually today at 1:15am].

So, now I know the best way to Christmas cleaning. You must to invite your friends to visit your house/flat one or two weeks before Christmas. If they promise to come, you know you must clean your house/flat because you are affraid they should look your clutter home.

Firstly: the meeting with Jane in coffee-bar. She still doesn't hear with her left ear.
I had a pfefer steak, because I need to spend my meal ticket till end of the year. I had it without side-dish, because in this caffe-bar you can spend only two meal ticket in one visit.

Secondly: the meeting with W. on the main station and to going to meeting with VšV etc.
I know VšV etc. from my studies on the Faculty of Informatics. I was studying the graphical design there. "VšV" is the promoter of this divison on FI. "Etc." are all the other people who are teaching or studying at graphical design division.

Maybe you're wondering. I really passed out a few courses on the Faculty of Informatics. [primarily I studied on the Division of Library Studies at Faculty of Arts].
For the studying of graphical design division is necessary to pass the course of Elements of visual communication. I attended the course with my classmate W. and with my longtime friend Martiner. We were playing piškvorky with Martiner on lessons and today he is my boyfriend.
The Elements of visual communication course are visiting almost all the students of FI because they are thinking it's a simple course. But absolute majority of them doesn't continue to next courses.
I did.
I passed out all these courses:
Graphical design I/II/III
Fonts of Type and Calligraphy I /II/III
Typography I/II/III
I enjoyed it and I felt comfortable at FI. It was great time.

The meeting...the meeting was great, because there was a few my friens I had last seen for long time ago. To one of them I found work a few years ago. I think he should to give me any fittage [unfortunately he doesn't think it] :).
These people are my friends, because we were on a legendary vacation together. The vacation we called "Plein air - Manoeuvres Lipnice 2002". The Plein air is a yearly summer vacation for tutors and students of Graphical design division. The students are learning draw, paint, photograph and so on there.
But the "Plein air - Manoeuvres Lipnice 2002" was specific, because its was the first.
We agreemented of organization such vacations again.
I hope its works out fine, because we all are looking forward it.


Melody said...

hello! I was on your Czech blog and I noticed you said something about Grey's Anatomy which is a show I like! I'm glad you do too :] you should check out Ugly Betty because it's both funny and dramatic. I also watched Love Actually yesterday and found that to be a really good movie.

btw "came to watching" should be "came to watch".. just be careful when using "to" in front of your verbs. eg: "should to look" -> "should look", "must to clean" -> "must clean"

Bára said...

Thank you. But I don't know when I have to use "to" and when I haven't to use it. Is there any rule for to using "to" in front of verbs?

I probably will watch Love Actually once more on weekend. Each time I watch Love Actually I get the Christmas mood and I start to looking forward to Christmas time. But this year I still not looking forward Christmas as I usually do.

Melody said...

The to-infinitive is used:

a. after certain verbs. e.g. want, wish, agree, fail, mean, decide, learn
b. after the auxiliaries to be to, to have to, and ought to
c. in the pattern 'it is + adjective + to-infinitive'

I think I am feeling quite lonely these days and should stop watching romantic movies lol.