The Dilemma

This day is unusual.
Usually there is nothing I would like to watching on TV. But today I have a problem to decide what I will be watching. Look:
ČT1: Bylo nás pět, episode 1 [My favourite czech series]
ČT2: The Miracle Planet: Evolution of education
Nova: Černí baroni [Czech movie]
Prima: Hercule Poirot - Cards on the Table

I was sorry for myself because no one could go to the pub with me. Though it's Friady evening! But when I looked at the TV program, I'd changed my mind and I decided this night will be TV tonight.
(Right now I discovered there is my favourite fairy tale "About pronounce wrongly princess" on Sunday's TV program. It's well-known czech fairy tale. But unfortunately I will not see it :( )

Update 10:25PM
Everything is fine.
Excluding Jan Kraus talk show. Jan Kraus talk show is for example something like The tonight show with Jay Leno, but in Czech. Jan Kraus is jokeful. Yes. But he is egoistical and ill-mannered too. He still interrupts his guests. I mind it, because his guest are interesting people and I'm interesting what they are saying. But I don't hear them, because Jan Kraus is still blathering his wouldbe witty comments.
I'm looking forward Ally McBeal.

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