Grey's Anatomy S03E15

Yesterday I watched Grey's Anatomy on TV. It was the 15th episode of the 3rd series. This episode had very very dramatic ending [the most dramatic ending of all episodes I have ever seen] and I was very very curious how it will continue.
But the Christmas next week. And these episodes weren't on Czech TV yet. Really delicious situation.
Primarily I wanted to watch La Reine Margot, because:
a) the movie seemed interesting,
b) Vincent Perez plays La Môle in this movie. I have weakness for him since he played in the Indochine.
But I needed to see the next episode od GA!
So, promptly I got the 16th episode. I was watching GA on my notebook and occasionally I looked at La Reine Margot on TV.
But...the 16th episode had much more dramatic ending than the 15th episode had. What could I do? It was 1am, but I really needed to see how it will continue.
So, promptly I got the 17th episode and the 18th episode for sure.
Happily on the 17th episode it turned out well. At 2am I could go to bed.
But today's getting up was very troublesome.

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