The Star of David

Usually I have a bracelet with the Star of David on my neck. I don't have any right now, because the last one I lost two years ago.
Since then I am looking for a new one in gaud shops and jewelleries. I still haven't found any Star of David I would like. Every Star of David I have seen was the "terezinian" kind. I don't want to wear a terezinian one, because I wasn't in Terezín, I have nothing common with it and I don't feel a right to have the terezinian star on my neck. By the way, Jewry reputedly don't like wearing a terezinian star by non-Jews and I wouldn't like to make disprepancy.

Last time I asked for the Star of David:
E: "Good afternoon, I would like the Star of David."
S: "OK, we have two kinds here."
E: "Thank you, but this one is too small and this one is too large. Do you have anything else?"
E: "No. But we have a pentagram."

Today I found two really beautiful ones. It was in the shop "Everything for 39,-".
The first one was blue with lettering "Love". The second one was red and it had a Chinese sign relief. The both together costed 59,-.
I really don't know...

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