Four pieces of knowledge from my official journey

I'm on the official journey today.
It's early afternoon and I already have four new pieces of knowledge:
1) When I have to get up very very early in the morning [need to catch a bus] the problem is not to get up. The problem is to recognize what is the time, and to recognize that it is the time when I really have to get up.
2) Watching an american romatic comedy with Jenniffer Lopez with English subtitles is a good English practice. Especially for the English beginner as I am. But all foreign-language movies in Student Agency buses are czech dubbed, so I saw whole movie without audio.
3) I think I stay on the wrong side of the barricade in the case of EIZ [electronical information sources]. On our side we are trying to buy EIZ as low price as possible. On the other side the providers want to sell EIZ as expansive as possible. But the providers dict the conditions of business, not we do.
4) There really is a cafe with wi-fi in Prague between the Muzeum station and the Main station, the Café Amsterdam.

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