Attention: this is not a witty spot. I am in bad temper and I want to write about it.

I had really_bad_day yesterday. It started in the morning and continued through all the day till the evening. I was looging forward to go to sleep whole the day as for stopping other troubles.
Today I'm feeling like punch-drunk. My colegue Ziki thinks it's because I drink very few of alcohol.

I retrospect the Russian tour as more nostalgic as usual I do from the last Sunday. In these days it is just a year ago when all my fellow travellers suffered [because the rain, mosquitos, cold, no bathroom for a weeks and so on] and I had the great time [because I was in Russia]. I want back and I don't care to have wet clothes and all the other stuff and to have not a place to sleep.
For a little hope I promised myself going to Russia again as a gift to my thirtieth birthday.
I'm going to read what did I do a year ago [in Czech only] now. This is the one thing...actually this short movie also...which make me smile today.

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