Jokes and something about new Sherlock Holmes

A grand celebration with banket. About forty novices get symbolical wedding with Jesus Chirst. A lot of relatives, friends and so on are here.
But at the banquet appeared three strange men with black hats, gaberdines, side curls and eat a lot of meal, cakes and desserts.
At the and of the banquet the most courious fellows ask:
"Forgive us, are you friends or relatives of any Jesus Christ bride?"
Three men are willing to explain:
"We are relatives - but the bridegroom party."

I think a lot of people want Holmes and Watson as old men or dodos maybe. Not do I.
Conversatives on the Nyx forum compare Guy's Holmes to Vinnetou played by Ice-T. I'm not against it. On the contrary I think it's high time to make cover of Vinnetou.

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