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This is a post for you to know my high cultural level.

I have found an old commentary about my theatregoing in years 1997 - 1999:

The grandma has 99th birthday [Jiří Kratochvíl] [MdB] [terrible play]
The Alchemist [Paulo Coelho] [Husa theatre]
Elisabeth von England [F. Bruckner] [MdB]
Circus Humberto [National Theatre Brno]
An executioner and a fool [Werich/Voskovec/Ježek] [National Theatre Brno]
Kean IV [G. Gorin] [MdB]
The comedy about the passion of the Christ [National Theatre in Prague]
The comedy about the passion of the Christ [Husa theatre]
The Pied Piper [D. Landa] [Ta Fantastika]
The Forest [N. A. Ostrovsky] [MdB]
The Lemonade Joe [J. Brdečka] [National Theatre Brno]
Manon Lescaut [V. Nezval] [MdB]
The Master and Margarita [Mikhail Bulgakov] [MdB]
My fair lady [G.B.Shaw/A.J.Lerner/F. Loewe] [MdB]
Othello [W. Shakespeare] [MdB]
Radůz a Mahulena [P. Ulrych/S. Moša] [MdB]
Romeo and Juliet [W. Shakespeare] [MdB]
Rose Marie [National Theatre Brno]
Death of a Salesman [A. Miller] [MdB]
Vladimir Vysotsky [Laitnerka club] [a lecture about Vladimir Vysotsky]
Hair [J. Rado/G. Ragni/G. MacDermot] [Pyramida theatre]

Amadeus [MdB]
The play about love, death and eternity [R. Rolland] [MdB]
A Midsummer Night Dream [W. Shakespeare/Z. Merta/S. Moša] [MdB]

Bastard [Z. Merta/S. Moša] [MdB]
A Flea in Her Ear [G. Feydeau] [MdB]
Man of La Mancha [D. Wasserman/J.Darion/M. Leigh] [Marta theatre]
The Education of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N [L. Rosten] [V theatre]

West Side Story [A. Laurents/L. Bernstein/S. Sondheim] [MdB]
and the winner is:

Cyrano de Bergerac! [E. Rostand] [MdB]

Don't wonder about my frequent MdB visiting - it is because I have known an usher in the theatre and she was letting me in for free. For all the time I was visiting the MdB theatre I paid only once: when I was on West Side Story for the first time. On the other times I was as a deadhead and later as an usher also.

PS: Maybe I will write a bit more about Cyrano play later.

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