Holiday in Dolní Morava 3/3

Friday 20th April
Through beautiful sunny day Martin nad I went on a trip to Pastviny dam. We rented a treadle boat with a toboggan. However we did not almost used it because Martin teached me about infinitude, even and uneven numbers and so all the time.

Saturday 21st August
A day of a Hill running. Our hill climb menas a lot of people start at 11 AM to run from Dolní Morava municipal office on top of the mountain of Králický sněžník. Martin wanted to look at start of the run, but he was not able to get up so early in the morning. Fortunately the race route led around our house and even more around our bedroom window. It is unbelieavable the fastes runner was on top in 57 minutes. He was faster than was my breakfast.
The rest of Sunday morning plan consists in a cutting grass [me] and an uprooting [Martin].
In the afternoon we visited an annual army celebration - Cihelna 2010. There were two live shows: 1) fight between Czech gandarmery and a frontier police with German gunrunners [real history] 2) German army attack on infantry bunker K-S 14 U Cihelny with Czech defense [fiction because of the Munich Agreement].

Sunday 22nd August
The big housecleaning. A company on next year holiday is needed even for the last day cleaning.

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