Geo-official trip

I was on a wonderful official journey [in Prague] with a lots of adventures

1) I almost missed the bus. The doors were closed, fortunately a driver lets me in. I have never anybody seen to run along the Česká street [one of main streets in Brno] till yesterday - myself. Actually I would have seen myself, if I would have been free for looking at myself in shop window.
2) In the bus I sat near the man who entirely looks like John Locke. Not this John Locke - this one from the Lost series.
3) In Prague I went to TG Friday's restaurant immediately because somebody had told me the vanilla coke is sold there.
They just shake the classic cola with a vanilla syrup in the restaurant but it doesn't matter.
4) After vanilla coke me and my friend Jana went to the Village Cinemas to see [for the second time] Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
5) After the cinema we went to Tesco. There was a short scene:
Saleswoman: [in Czech] 218 Czech crowns
Foreigner woman who doesn't speak Czech: [in English] How much is it in Euro?
Saleswoman: Euro? ... 8,71.
Foreigner woman gives her some coins.
Saleswoman: We not accept.
Foreigner woman: What?
Saleswoman: We not accept the coins [disapprovingly shakes her head]
Foreigner woman: Why don't you want to take it?
Saleswoman: We not accept the coins [she has an obstinate expression in her face]
My friend Jana to the foreigner woman: [in English] They don't except conis here, only the paper money.
Foreigner woman gives to saleswoman paper €10 and says: Such people who don't speak English like you are should not work here!
Saleswoman pays her back and says: I don't understand you. I don't care about it.
Foreigner woman goes away and it's our turn now. The saleswoman load the first thing and continues in her speech: ...I don't know what she said, I don't care. Let she speak what she wants. I'm not interested about it because I don't understand her...
Then she stopped the loading of our wares and continued with a bitching and railing against foreigns who want to buy.
Me: Could you go on with your purchase please? We are in hurry.
Saleswoman: ...and the most resent people are those who urge me along!
5) After the shopping me, Jana and her boyfriend Vladimír went to find two caches. The first one was on the bus centre and the second one was near the Smíchov graveyard. Nothing funny after the Indy's movie I have to say.

- I met just two members of a group 3B [Bartošek-Brandejs-Brandejsová]. It's a pity.
- Me and my friends went to find Rieger's Ghost. When I asked about the cache, they said we just have somewhere to find Something. The Something show us where we have to go then. There we should find Something else and with the Something else to count geggraphic coordinates of the final cache.
Yes. With the notebook and passers's help the Something and Something else were found. The final cache geggraphic coordinates was counted, but it showed place far away from a place where the final cache should be.
So we have flutterred in Riegers park and tried to find the right numbers and then I then met an unknown boy with a girl and they - when they was passing me - said to me "a light for the Venus". WTF?
When I returned to my frineds, they said me the geggraphic coordinates had counted by wrong way but at the moment they had a new ones.
When the cache was found and we logged in, I saw someone logged ten minutes before. It was boy and girl...

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