This is the last spot writing on my current job. In that occasion I should write here something special...but what should it be? Yes. Code of Ethics of Czech Librarians :)

The Librarian
1. always uphold the basic right of the individual to information. They provide for unlimited, equal, and free access to information and information sources in library collections. They do so irrespective of political, ideological and religious views and without any censorship, save for the exceptions stipulated by legislation. However, they bear no responsibility for the consequences of the use of information obtained from documents or in the library
2. strive for broad accessibility of information contained in documents, regardless of the place of their storage,
3. provide services to users irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, gender and social status,
4. respect the rights of authors and treat their intellectual property in compliance with legislation,
5. respect the rights of users to privacy and anonymity, basing their contact with them on respect for user personalities and information needs. They protect user personal data and user activities,
6. contribute through their professional performance and loyal conduct to the goodwill of the library.
7. are aware of their affiliation to the professional community, respect colleagues from libraries of different types, keeping in close touch with them, and cooperate with colleagues from a wide network of memory institutions,
8. keep themselves well-informed with developments in their profession, striving for life-long education and professional advancement,
9. support with words and deeds those colleagues who have found themselves in difficulties due to their observance of the principles of this Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics of Czech Librarians. Association of Library and Information Professionals [online]. , 28.12.2004 [cit. 2008-04-25]. Available from www: http://skip.nkp.cz/cokodex.htm

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