A little Christian spot

This weekend was in a spirit of christianity.

I spent this weekend with a bunch of my Christian friends wich I had met for the first time in a Christian action in 2003. We all of us had been in a organisation team there and since then we call our bunch as "Flag-bearers". Since the action we meet together regullary two times in a year.
At this last meeting we all have concluded: [citation] "although it is not expectable, we Christians are as duffers as all the other people".
Furthermore I have learnt what's the difference between a lady and a diplomat:
When a diplomat says yes - he thinks maybe. When he says maybe - he thinks no. When he says no - he is not a diplomat.
When a lady says no - she thinks maybe. When she says maybe - she thinks yes. When she says yes - she is not a lady.

Because this is a little christian spot, here goes a christian joke:

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