Have you ever came home barefooted?
I have for two times already.
Yesterday and today.

Yesterday, while I was going home from my work, the rain caught me. Actually it was not just a rain, it was quite torrential rain. In a half a minute I was totally wet to the bone. I found my summer shoes not as useful for this situation so I decided to take them off for more comfortable walking. If I had remembered it, I would probably felt as Zuzana Norisová in the Rebelové movie.

Today morning I wanted to go to the office in the same shoes, but they were still wet thus I had to go in the other ones that went together with my outfit.
Alas that were the shoes which pinch me and larecate the skin on my feet although being splayed for last five years since I bought them.

Somehow it happened I did not go from office to home, but to visit my friend J.. On foot.
After 700 meters I stuck a plaster on my right instep.
After 800 meters the plaster began to move and to unstuck.
After 1300 meters I walked around a drugstore. I bought an elastic plaster and promptly changed it instead of the moving-and-unstucking one.
After 1700 meters I applied the elastic plaster on my left instep also.
After 2000 meters I found the "right" elastic plaster was stucked to my shoe.
After 2300 meters [and 200 meters to the destination] my friend J. called me she had gone to meet me andshe was waiting near MZK [MZK was back on my way between the first plaster unstucking and the drugstore]. We made understood to go back and meet at a tram stop.
100 meters to the meeting place I had enough and I got both of my shoes off.

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