Batman 6/ 2th the first episode

I need to organize my mind.
The movie is inconsistent for me:
- everything indicate this is a perfect movie
- I was not excited a lot
- I'm pleased to see anyone rated it ***, ** or * on CSFD [Czechoslovak movie database]
- despite of these things I can't stop to think about it

IMDB 92,1% [the 3rd best movie]

The 3rd best movie, get it? Better than Pulp Fuction or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!
In collate with Stardust, Hot Fuzz, Lucky Number Slevin or In Bruges for the last time the Dark knight have not got more than 3*.

Just to be fair:  for yesterday's unfavourable watching conditions the movie will get the second chance as the part of Nolans Batman movie afternoon.

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