Holiday in Dolní Morava 1/3

Saturday 14th August
- We [Martin and I] visited K-S 5 U potoka Bunker, sightseeing included.
- There was a not-flying magpie on vicarage garden. The magpie was put on large box and then the box was put on veranda. We hope she will be alive tomorrow to bring her to a vet at Rýmařov rescue station. If she will be dead, I have to call the rescue station it's over.

Sunday 15th August
Today sucks. I have a headache since morning and the magipe is dead. We have to bury her.

Monday 16th August
Martin and I were on a trip. We came to Šanov by car, then we walked on Křížová hora viewtower and by otherside of hill we went back to car in Šanov. The second part of the trip was to sightsee a building of new ski slope in Mlýnický dvůr. Because it started raining we went home without seeing building of a new ski slope in Dolní Morava.


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