To the cinema

I have the cinema week.

Yesterday: me and my mother and Marťas and his mother were at cinema to see I liked it despite of singing Pierce Brosnan. I think James Bond became much more to him.

Today: me and Marťas met in the downtown for take an ice cream or coffee. At the later time the movie we meant to see for a long time crossed our minds. For the workmanship and casting of Alfred, Gordon and Joker of course I give 4 3*, because this is not such GREAT movie for me.

Probable causes:
1) I was drinking a lot of water through all the day. It takes an effect half an hour after the movie beginning so I had not concentrate on the plot as I would imagine.
2) one of trailers before the Batman movie was
So I looked forward to James Bond and the Batman was forgotten.

This Thursday: Me and my friend Jitka are going to the Art cinema to see Jitka likes the French movies and on the other hand she refuse to see english-named ones in cinema. She is suspicious they are American and she doesn't like American-style. In my opinion Jitka likes the French movies, because she thinks all of them are great.
If she confirm that, I will recommend her Delicatessen.

I don't care we're going to see the French movie. I like Steve Buscemi elsewhere he is :)

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