My doctor Tom prescribed me a tramal for my aching jawbone. Although I ate one tramal, my jawbone still hurts. But I don't care about it and I'm very joyful now. Thanks to tramal I know what I can do with my non-drink-alcohol nature. In the pub I will be drinking orange juice with water as usual and I will take one tramal. Then I will be in the same state of mind as my friends who will be drinking snifters and beer. And thanks to tramal I will save a lot of money.

Update 1:35pm
Taking back! I hate tramal now. I'm not joyful anymore. On the contrary I'm feeling very ill. And I discovered tramal is addictive.
In that case I'm going back to ibuprofen and as soon as I'am at home, I will drink White Russian.

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nikie said...

Your doctor didn't describe, but most likely prescribed Tramal. Not prescribed you, only prescribed.

My jaw still hurts, not hurts me.

I know what I CAN DO... (primy slovosled v otazce, pokud je vedlejsi vetou)

frame of mind- or state of mind

my friend who will drink/ will be drinking

as soon as I will be at home -> as soon as I AM at home