Money and an art of thinking

1) Money is the only one motivation factor that works. Not for everyone of course, but generally it fits. A lot of people think we should do some things for the public interest. Yes we should, but it does not work.
If we want people to behave properly - according public interest [no matter the fact that the same thing is in their interest], we have set it so that it was financially profitable for them.
Everyone who closes his eyes before this truth  is unhappy because it can never reach his.
That is much more useful to accept it.

2) The art of thinking makes me an expert of everything. That is so simple to behave as I usualy do and to pick an other people ideas and do do not thinking that these ideas are right, to do not try to change a point of view.
The art of thinking is not the same thing as is to be smart or to have knowledge. For these we have books and the internet. For art of thinking we need a horse sense and we must not to be lazy to use it.
Many people does not know the art of thinking, but it doesn't matter. Accept it and use it as your advantage.

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