Pretty Cold

18°C Hawaiians has two blankets at night
15°C Finnish inhabitants turns off heating. Russians grows flowers.
2°C Italian cars can't start.
0°C Destilled water get congeal.
-1°C Breath became visible. Russians eat ice cream and drink cold beer.
-4°C Your dog tries to creep into your bed.
-8°C Homelesses are in carton at nights.
-10°C French cars can't start.
-12°C Politics begin to mention homelesses
-15°C American cars can't start.
-18°C Finnish inhabitants turns on heating. Hawaiinas are already frozen.
-20°C Breath became hearable.
-21°C If you would be successful with try to get dog out, he will get freeze.
-22°C Homelesses has two cartons in one.
-24°C German cars can't start.
-27°C Your dog tries to creep under your pyjamas.
-29°C Swedish cars can't start.
-32°C Homelesses are frozen. They are gathering out of city in their cartons.
-33°C Any car can't start. Even Russian.
-38°C Russian button up their shirts.
-43°C Russian cars can't start even with vodka.
-50°C Your car tries to creep into your bed.
-60°C Finnish inhabitants froze. Seals move southwards from Greenland.
-70°C The Hell froze. Kuznetsk university [Russia] holds cross-country race to warm up.
-75°C Santa Claus leave the Arctic circle.
-120°C Alkohol froze. Russians are mad.
-268°C Helium became liquid.
-273,15°C Absolute zero. Fundamental particles has stopped. Frozen-vodka zuzling Russian admits it is pretty cold.

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