At the dentist

We have had a workshop in the central library today. I like workshops in the central library because I meet the colleagues from the others VUT libraries there. And I like it because in this workshops I discovered that my colleagues have the same problems in their libraries as I do in my library.
But this is not the main topic of this spot.

I made an appointment with my denstist a few weeks ago. Today I went there. My dentist found one little caries. This caries was on my late tooth on the left lower jawbone. Because I hate my late teeth I told my dentist to extract this tooth.
So, the dentist gave me the local anaesthetic and then she tried to extract the tooth.
It was hurts.
OK, we were waiting ten minutes for the better function of the local anaesthetic.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the second time.
The dentist gave me the second local anaesthetic.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the third time.
We were waiting next ten minutes for the better function of the local anaesthetic. The dentist with her nurse were explaining me how the local anaestetic does work and they tried to argue me the pain is not pain, but only a press.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the fourth time. I promised to not scream anymore.
The dentist gave me the third local anaesthetic. Because I was in the dental surgery an hour already, she moved me to another dental chair. On the occasion I took a book from my bag, because I didn't care to looking out of the window anymore.
The dentist tried to extract the tooth for the fifth time. She promised that was the last attempt. She said if that doesn't work, I have to go to surgery.
The dentis didn't care and she continued to extract the tooth.
The nurse: "the tooth is almost out of your mouth".
The nurse: "just a dab".
The nurse: "look, it's done".
The dentist: "the nurse make an appointment with you for your second caries".
Me within onesefl: "Gosh! She didn't speak about the second caries before".


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